What is the Best Flea Treatment for Cats?

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31 July 2023

What is the Best Flea Treatment for Cats?

Since many cat owners choose to let their cats free-roam around their local area, they run a much higher risk of picking up pesky parasites like fleas from their environment. This means it’s important for you as their owner to ensure they have the best possible protection against fleas, ticks, lice and other parasites they might pick up while they’re out of the home. 

Here, we help you find the best flea treatment for cats which is available without a prescription. 

Spot On Flea Treatment for Cats

Perhaps the most popular cat flea treatment is a flea treatment spot-on for cats. These types of flea treatments come in pre-dosed pipettes depending on your cat’s weight and are typically effective for up to 4 weeks. 

Some of these spot-on cat flea treatments, like the Advantage flea treatment for cats, are specific only for fleas, and so won't offer your cat any protection from ticks, biting lice, or other types of parasites. Others may only kill adult fleas on your cat, which won’t break the flea cycle and leave space for reinfestation once the treatment wears off. 

When choosing a spot-on flea treatment for your cat, make sure you take into account what parasites they may be more at risk of picking up. If you’d like more advice on what spot-o treatment is best for your cat, speak with your vet for recommendations.

How to apply spot on treatment to cats

Cat Flea Collar

If you’re looking for an easy and longer-term cat flea treatment, then why not try out a flea collar like the Seresto Collars for cats? These collars are easy to administer and have an adjustable strap to fit perfectly to your cat’s neck as well as a ratchet release mechanism to keep your cat safe. They also offer up to 8 weeks of protection from fleas and ticks and leave no grease or residue on your pet, so your cat is safe for snuggles. 

Flea collars are a good choice for anyone prone to forgetting monthly treatments as they’re so long-lasting, which means there’s a far smaller window for re-infestation.

Flea Tablets for Cats

If your cat is already suffering from fleas, then a quick and simple method of treatment is using a flea tablet like these CAPSTARᵀᴹ Flea Treatment Tablets for Cats. These tablets are administered orally and get to work within 30 minutes to kill any fleas on your cat without the risk of the treatment being washed or rubbed off. 

Plus, unlike many other flea treatments, they’re safe for use in kittens four weeks and older, weighing 1kg or greater, as well as for pregnant or nursing cats.


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Flea Spray for Cats

If you’re looking for a quick flea treatment that is easy to administer without the need to hold your cat or try and disguise a tablet, then why not try a cutaneous spray solution like the Frontline Flea Spray for Cats & Kittens

This quiet, stress-free spray is perfect for cats who are prone to wriggling and even safe for use in kittens from as young as 2 days old. It offers up to 2 months of protection against fleas for your cat but is only suitable for use in short-haired ones as it needs to reach the skin to be effective. Cat flea sprays are also useful if your cat suffers from flea allergy dermatitis, as the formula does not require fleas to bite your cat to be effective. 

Please note flea sprays for cats are not the same as flea sprays for the home. If you want to ensure your home is flea-free, make sure to use a home-specific flea spray like the Frontline Homegard Household Flea Spray.

Protecting your cat from fleas is an essential part of cat ownership and ensuring they’re up to date with their routine worming treatments and vet trips. You can find out all about keeping your cat flea free in our blog on getting rid of fleas, or you can browse our great range of affordable cat flea treatments below. 

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This post is an opinion and should only be used as a guide. You should discuss any change to your pet’s care or lifestyle thoroughly with your vet before starting any program or treatment.