Furosemide (Frusemide)

Furosemide is a prescription-only diuretic medication typically used to treat oedema in dogs and cats with chronic heart failure. You can buy Furosemide tablets online from us with a valid vet prescription.

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What is Furosemide Used For?

Furosemide for dogs is used to treat oedema (build-up of fluid in the body which causes swelling) in dogs and cats, including oedema caused by cardiac insufficiency, acute renal dysfunction, or trauma.

Furosemide is a diuretic drug, which means it increases urine production in the body. It prevents water and sodium from being reabsorbed, stimulating the kidneys to produce more urine to excrete them from the body. Your vet may prescribe Furosemide to treat chronic heart failure in dogs.

What is Furosemide Used for in Cats?

The use of Furosemide for cats is the same for dogs in treating build-ups of excess fluid in the body, as well as chronic heart failure and acute renal failure in cats. You can buy furosemide tablets for cats and dogs at Pet Drugs Online in the following sizes:

Please make sure you choose the right size tablet when ordering prescription medication for your pet.

How Long for Furosemide to Work in Dogs?

Furosemide is administered orally as a tablet or liquid and can be given with or without food. Once ingested, the medicine works fast, and improvement in your pet's symptoms can be seen in as little as 2 hours.

Always ensure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water when being treated with Furosemide.

Is Frusemide the Same as Furosemide?

Yes, both of these terms refer to the same prescription medicine, though Furosemide is the most common name used as it is the active ingredient.

What are the Side Effects of Furosemide?

There is always a chance of your pet displaying side effects when treating them with prescription medicine. The possible side effects of Furosemide include:

  • → Increased urination
  • → Diarrhoea or constipation
  • → Dehydration

More information about Furosemide's side effects can be found in the provided product datasheet. If you are concerned about any change in your pet’s condition while taking Furosemide, consult with your vet for further advice. 

 Can You Buy Furosemide Without a Vet Prescription?

All Furosemide products are prescription-only veterinary medicine, which means they can only be purchased using a valid, in-date prescription from your vet. You can learn more about ordering a prescription medicine for your pet from Pet Drugs Online on our prescription information page. For your pet's safety, always be wary of any organisation offering to sell Furosemide or any other prescription-only veterinary medicines without a prescription.

Please note, while we have an onsite vet to oversee the sales of prescription medicines, we do not offer veterinary consultations or advice.