Ermidra® Sensitive Itchy Skin Relief Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

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Ermidra® Shampoo is a gentle skin and coat cleanser for sensitive skin. It is specially formulated to soothe inflamed skin due to itching, redness, scratching and hyper-reactivity. 

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Product Details

Keep your pet’s skin and coat clean, healthy and beautiful with the Ermidra® Shampoo. This gentle, mild exfoliating, soapless cleanser moisturises and soothes irritated, dry skin. It conditions and brightens the coat and detangles hair, increasing elasticity and strengthening brittle hair. This shampoo also effectively removes dirt and other irritants. It is mildy scented to help deodourise the coat and skin and leave your pet smelling clean and fresh. 


Completely wet the skin and coat of the animal with lukewarm water. Apply the product and massage for 5-6 minutes and then rinse well. Towel dry. Repeat 2–3 times a week initially, and then use as required. 

Ermidra® Sensitive Itchy Skin Relief Shampoo for Dogs & Cats is available in the following size:
  • 250ml Bottle
Key Benefits
  • Removes dirt and irritants
  • Soothing for sensitive itchy skin
  • Helps detangle brittle fur
  • Brightens the fur coat
  • Removes bad odour
  • Product Composition
    Glycolic Extract of Sage, Epilobium, Anionic Surfactant, Betaine, Zinc, Gluconate, Milk, Serum, Preservative, Perfume, Coformulants, Deionized Water
Reviews (15)

What our vet says

What our vet says
"A gentle, soothing shampoo for pets with sensitive skin. Simply wet the skin and coat with lukewarm water, massage in for five minutes, rinse and towel dry. You can use this as little or as much as needed. Remember to always brush your pet before bathing as matted hair holds water and any products which could lead to irritated skin."
John Campbell - Head Veterinary Surgeon (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)
John Campbell Head Veterinary Surgeon And
Co-Founder (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)