ThunderShirt Anxiety Calming Jacket for Dogs

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ThunderShirt is a fantastic shirt that provides an innovative way to calm dogs thanks to the gentle and constant pressure applied to your dog's body.

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Product Details

Many dogs suffer from anxiety. ThunderShirt is the original, vet-recommended, natural calming shirt that helps reduce anxiety in dogs. It works in the same way as when you swaddle a baby or use a weighted blanket. The pressure applied to your dog's body will reduce stress!

ThunderShirt is easy to use and super comfortable to wear. It has been designed to be simple to put on and take off. There is no need to pull anything over the dog’s head or to thread the legs through holes. 

Proven efficacy, so easy to use, praised by owners, dog trainers, and vets. So many reasons to try ThunderShirt. It will make your dog even happier and more relaxed during complicated situations!

ThunderShirt is lightweight, machine-washable, and breathable; it’s made from a soft washable fabric with a reflective strip.

ThunderShirt helps reduce stress-related problems, such as barking and coping with situations such as loud noises, being home alone, travel, vet visits and support dogs during training.


Pick the right size for your dog!

For the best fit, we recommend measuring your pet's chest girth and comparing it with the sizing chart. To measure chest girth, measure your pet's chest around the widest part. In general, if your dog is right on the cusp of the weight range indicated in our size chart, we would recommend that you size down. 

How to put ThunderShirt on my dog for optimal use?

ThunderShirt is designed to be very easy to put on and take off... no need for pulling anything over the head or threading the legs through leg holes. No specific training for wearing the jacket is required. Just working on them getting used to the jacket is beneficial before the stressful event. See how this is done below.​

After you first receive your ThunderShirt, we recommend the following steps while your dog is NOT feeling anxious to help them get acquainted with the vest:

Before putting ThunderShirt on your dog for the first time, place it on the floor and scatter treats around so your dog discovers nice things as they investigate. This helps to build positive associations with ThunderShirt.

When placing ThunderShirt on your dog:

Start by draping the ThunderShirt over your dog so they get used to feeling something on their body (especially if they have never worn a coat before).

No sections of “hook fasteners” (the side of the fasteners that feels rough to the touch) should be exposed on the outside or against your dog’s fur if appropriately fitted.

Chest straps should be loose around the neck as they have no gentle pressure effect. The neck straps are only intended to keep the ThunderShirt in place. They have no "gentle pressure" effect. Use the “two-finger” collar rule when applying the neck straps (i.e. easily slide two fingers between the neck straps and your dog's neck without pressure).

Leave the ThunderShirt on for 5-10 minutes for the first time.

Check your dog is comfortable and happy to move - you can offer treats to continue the positive experience and encourage movement.

Use rewards for the first few uses of ThunderShirt when your dog is calm and looking relaxed.

Many ThunderShirt dog owners report that their dogs really enjoy wearing their ThunderShirts, and many dogs even go on their own to where their ThunderShirts are stored when a storm, fireworks are approaching, or some other anxiety trigger happens!

How long can I leave ThunderShirt on my dog?

Most people say their dogs enjoy wearing their ThunderShirts and are safe to leave on for extended periods depending on the issue. But please note! We recommend removing ThunderShirt every one to two hours the first few times to be sure everything is fitting correctly, and your pet is happy. Irritation or other issues are rare, but it’s always best to be cautious. Always remove ThunderShirt at least twice daily if used for extended periods.

You’ll love ThunderShirt’s calming effect on your dog!

Are there any special sizing and fit considerations for male dogs?

When fitting ThunderShirt on a male dog, the straps that go around the stomach area should not cover or push on the genitals.

ThunderShirt Anxiety Calming Jacket for Dogs is available in the following sizes:
  • X-Small - chest circumference 33cm - 43cm, dog’s weight 4kg - 6kg
  • Small - chest circumference 43cm - 53cm, dog's weight 6kg - 11kg
  • Medium - chest circumference 53cm - 64cm, dog's weight 11kg - 18kg
  • Large - chest circumference 64cm - 76cm, dog's weight 18kg - 29kg
  • X-Large - chest circumference 76cm - 94cm, dog's weight 29kg - 50kg
  • XX-Large - chest circumference 94cm - 127cm, dog's weight 50kg
Key Benefits
  • Stress-related barking
  • Loud noises - thunderstorms, fireworks, traffic, etc.
  • Perfect for calming dogs during car and air travel
  • Reduces stress during visits to the vet
  • Helps with focus during training
  • Separation anxiety
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