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Simple Solution Puppy Pads for Training

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Simple Solution are super absorbent premium puppy pads for potty training.

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Product Details

Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads are an ideal way to potty train your puppy.

Housebreaking your new puppy can be a challenge. Fortunately, gone are the days of paper training with messy newspapers. 

Today, paper training is a lot cleaner and easier with Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads. Each pad is super absorbent and is made with a plastic backing to protect your floors and carpets. 

In addition, the pads are scientifically treated with an attractant to encourage your pet to the pad. Housebreaking is made a lot easier with the help of Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads. 

The centre is particularly absorbent to draw the liquid away from the bottom and prevent liquids from leaking through the pad and leaving a trail beneath the pad. The pad is constructed with 6 layers to ensure that your floor stays dry and free of stains.

-Designed to eliminate odour

-Excellent choice either for dogs or for your cat's litter box

-Powerful attractant to encourage pets to use the pad and reinforce natural instincts

-To prevent odour and leakage, the pads are built with a polymer that converts fluids into a gel

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