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Horse Healthcare

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Your horse’s health is a priority to us, we know how important it is for them to feel happy and comfortable while performing well and staying active, which is why all of our horse healthcare range has been hand selected to deliver only the best results. Our veterinary experts and horse owners research all the brands to bring you the best quality for the lowest costs. Shop bestsellers like NAFF, Panacur and Zyklene.

Shop our horse healthcare range and find horse wormers, fly spray, horse calmers and horse shampoo at low online prices.

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  1. You save 15%
    Ocry-gel Cat & Dog Eye Lubricant 3202
  2. You save 54%
    Panacur Equine Guard 474
    Panacur Equine Guard
    SRP £41.15
    Save £22.31
  3. You save 34%
    Deosect Fly Killer Spray
    Deosect Fly Killer Spray
    SRP £57.48
    Save £19.79
  4. You save 24%
    Dermisol Cream 1137
    Dermisol Cream
    SRP £10.32
    Save £2.54
  5. You save 29%
    Protexin Professional for Cats and Dogs 1385
  6. You save 41%
    Epi-soothe shampoo 1168
    Epi-soothe shampoo
    SRP £22.56
    Save £9.38
  7. You save 35%
    Strongid P Paste 476
    Strongid P Paste
    SRP £13.30
    Save £4.74
  8. You save 43%
    Zylkene Equine
    Zylkene Equine
    SRP £118.25
    Save £51.25
  9. You save 59%
    Butagran Equi 10256
    Butagran Equi
    SRP £157.82
    Save £93.85
  10. You save 50%
    Rimadyl Large Animal Solution
    Rimadyl Large Animal Solution
    SRP £104.28
    Save £52.68
  11. You save 35%
    Equi-Salve F.R
    Equi-Salve F.R
    SRP £16.80
    Save £6.04
  12. You save 27%
    Equest Pramox Oral Gel 1171
    Equest Pramox Oral Gel
    SRP £37.18
    Save £10.16
  13. You save 48%
    Equimax Horse Wormer 1173
    Equimax Horse Wormer
    SRP £29.88
    Save £14.42
  14. You save 45%
    Switch Equine
    Switch Equine
    SRP £63.48
    Save £28.68
  15. You save 55%
    Danilon Equidos Sachets 945
    Danilon Equidos Sachets
    SRP £178.92
    Save £99.72
  16. You save 29%
    Provimi Multimilk Replacer All Young Animals
  17. You save 33%
    Eqvalan Paste 1178
    Eqvalan Paste
    SRP £12.91
    Save £4.32
  18. You save 40%
    Coopers Gut Support 11527
    Coopers Gut Support
    SRP £61.40
    Save £24.90
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Showing 1-24 of 192

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Horse Healthcare

At Pet Drugs Online we totally understand that keeping your horse happy and healthy is a top priority for you. You want them to feel and look their best. We also understand how expensive it can be to provide your horse with everything they need to stay that way.

From fly spray to horse wormer, horse calmer to horse shampoo - we supply a huge range of horse healthcare products that can save you up to 69% on high street prices.

Set up and run by vets, we are the largest and most trusted suppliers of veterinary medication and products in the UK. So, you have peace of mind that all of our high-quality equine products are just as we'd recommend in our own practices. Just a little easier on the wallet.

So giddy up! All of your favourite big brands, from Seraquin to Equistro, are available to order now, with a speedy delivery. So no more long faces.