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Support your horse’s nutrition with a variety of quality horse vitamins and supplements to help deliver the nourishment their body needs. Our expertly formulated supplements enhance their strength, stamina and balance which they may not usually get from their diet. See results quickly and watch them enjoy their everyday activities. Show them you care and love them well with brands such as Equine Probiotic.

Help them feel their best with high quality horse supplements, vitamins and probiotics, all at low online prices. Browse joint supplements for horses, probiotics for horses and more from trusted top brands.

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Why do Horses Need Vitamins and Supplements? 

Wanting the best for your horse is only natural and probiotics for horses can help your horse be the best they can be. Horse vitamins help to provide stability to your horse by feeding them all the nutrients they need to be healthy, strong, and live a long and happy life. For example, often as horse’s age, their mobility can become slower as their joints and limbs become stiff. It’s therefore important to give them horse supplements for arthritis which prevent weakening joints so that your horse can stay fit and active for as long as possible.

Horse supplements are only effective if they’re good quality with researched ingredients, which is why in this collection we’ve only selected the very best probiotics for horses to feature. From brands we know and trust, we’ve collaborated to put together a range for you to browse through from a digestive balancer, joint support, and stress relief.

The Best Supplements for Horses 

Feel spoilt for choice and shop from our range of excellent horse probiotic brands including Protexin, Farriers Formula and Hilton Herbs.


One of the most popular horse supplements in this range is the Protexin Gut Balancer. Designed to promote general digestive wellbeing and soothe digestive upsets, this probiotic for horse will help to care for your horse from the inside. Our vet says, ‘If your horse is prone to an upset stomach, this prebiotic should help normalise digestive function on a continuous basis. You can also use it at those times when your horse’s gut is disrupted, in times of stress for example.’.

Farriers Formula 

This brand is an equine expert, with their horse supplement Farriers Formula Double Concentrate, your horse will be able to build strong connective tissue proteins which are important for healthy hoof structure and growth. Our vet says, ‘This is a really popular product for healthy hoof structure and growth. If your horse has wall cracks or is recovering from laminitis, Farriers Formula will help build strong connective tissue to strengthen and thicken the hoof.’.

Hilton Herbs 

Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold is a popular supplement for horses which supports your horse’s respiratory system. With reviews including ‘Use this and always works wonders’ and ‘Used this before with great success’, we hope that your horse will continue to breath happily and healthily.