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First Aid

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Feel prepared and organise your horse’s first aid kit to have everything you may need at-hand at the stables or for on-the-go emergencies. Keep your horse’s first aid kit topped up so that it contains all the essentials you need including gels, bandages and creams. Love them well.

Top up your horse first aid kit with our best-selling emergency items. Shop gels, bandages and more and get your equine first aid kit ready before the emergency.

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  1. Vetgold Spray 4454
    Vetgold Spray
    New Product
    SRP £0.00
  2. You save 30%
    Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder
  3. You save 7%
    Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
    Barrier Aloe Vera Soothing Gel
    SRP £12.01
    You save £0.91
  4. You save 25%
    Pet First Aid Kit
    Pet First Aid Kit
    SRP £20.71
    You save £5.35
  5. You save 16%
    Derbymed Cutasol for Horse Skin Care
  6. You save 21%
    Derbymed SCP Antiseptic Wound Spray for Horses
    Derbymed SCP Antiseptic Wound Spray For Horses
    SRP £18.00
    You save £3.85
  7. You save 39%
    Derbymed Cutargent Cream
    Derbymed Cutargent Horse Cream
    SRP £45.72
    You save £18.12
  8. Elastoplast 4.5m
    Elastoplast 4.5m
    SRP £0.00
  9. You save 13%
    Derbymed Cutargent Preactive Spray
    Derbymed Cutargent Preactive Spray For Horses
    SRP £15.32
    You save £2.08
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What Should Be in a Horse First Aid Kit

Scrambling around for supplies in a panic is not enjoyable for anyone. Whether you’re looking for bandages, antiseptic, or recovery pastes, we’ve got everything you need for your equine first aid kit. Shop from veterinary approved brands including Dermisol, Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder and Pet First Aid Kit for your high-quality supplies.

Dermisol Cream 

Dermisol Cream is a great product to include in your horses first aid. This cream may seem like it has magical powers, but it’s just the high-quality ingredients doing its work. Not only does it encourage healing of wounds in horses but provides care instantly. With dozens of reviews, this cream is one of the most popular components in an equine first aid kit.

Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder 

Soothe your horse’s pain with  Veterinary Wound Dressing Powder, it’s a topical treatment for wounds. As a creamy white powder, this product has 2% w/w chloramine BP for us on minor wounds. Described by our customers as ‘This is ideal for any minor scratches or wounds’ and ‘Always in my pet’s first aid kit’, we know it’s a winner, and is great for your equine first aid.

Pet First Aid Kit 

Pet First Aid Kit have concocted the perfect variety of products to support your horse’s first aid even in an emergency. Separated into two compartments, this kit is portable and easy to carry while containing everything you need in an equine first aid kit so therefore easy to take with you on rides or to the stable. With the contents containing bandages, a foil blanket, plastic tweezers, and cleansing wipes, you’ll feel at ease instantly.