Dog Worming Treatments

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Dog worming treatments are a store-cupboard essential for any dog owner. Keeping your pet protected from these internal parasites is vital for keeping them happy and healthy. Browse our range of dewormers for dogs of all sizes, from spot-on treatments to tablets and powders.

Keep your dog happy, healthy and worm-free with our range of low cost dog worming tablets. From Drontal to Panacur, we have something for every furry friend.


Why Should You Treat Your Dog for Worms?

We all know dogs will eat pretty much anything, and when they're out and about, this can put them at risk of picking up worms. Some worm infections won't show symptoms, as they are small, so regularly worming your dog can help protect them and treat for worms they may have picked up. When it comes to worming your dog, prevention is definitely better than cure!

An untreated worm infection in dogs can escalate and if there is a large enough infection, symptoms can show. Worm infections can cause your dog to become sick, lethargic, cause weight loss, and in extreme cases can cause anaemia, cause damage to your dog’s gut lining and can be very serious. Some worms even pose a danger to human health, as the eggs can be dangerous to children.

Types of Worms in Dogs

Worms aren't just unpleasant to look at, worms can also cause significant health problems for your dog, which is why keeping on top of worming treatment is essential. An untreated worm infection in dogs can cause your dog to become sick, lethargic, and lose weight. In extreme cases, worms can cause anaemia, cause damage to your dog’s gut lining, and can be very serious. Additionally, some worms even pose a danger to human health.

Roundworms in Dogs

Roundworms look like spaghetti and may be seen in your dogs' poo, or if they are sick. It's important that you protect your dog against this type of worm, as the eggs and larvae pose can be dangerous for humans. In rare cases, this can develop into Toxocariasis, which can lead to vision loss. Children are most likely to pick up roundworms from an infected dog, as they are more likely to handle contaminated soil.

Dogs can be infected with roundworms by eating soil or grass that is contaminated with worm eggs, or if they hunt. Puppies can be born with a roundworm infection if their mother is infected, so it’s important to treat puppies as soon as they are old enough.

Hookworms and whipworms are in also nematodes (roundworms) but are a little different. These are less common but are normally covered in a roundworm treatment.

Tapeworms in Dogs

You are most likely to spot tapeworms in your dog by noticing what looks like grains of rice in your dog's poo. Some species of tapeworm are zoonotic, so humans can also be infected.

Dogs can pick up some tapeworm species by hunting and by eating contaminated soil. However, one type of tapeworm can be passed on from infected fleas. Therefore, it’s important to also treat your dog for fleas when treating

Lungworm in Dogs

Lungworm can also affect unwormed dogs and a lungworm infection is something more serious altogether. Lungworm is typically contracted through eating slugs and snails, the infection travels around the body and can cause life threatening issues such as breathing difficulties, seizures and even death. Be aware, lungworm treatments are prescription only medicines for dogs

Best Worm Treatments for Dogs

We can't always prepare for those rogue moments, after all bringing in unsavoury things from the garden or rolling fox poo is all part of the fun, right? No fear,our range caters for those regular dewormer applications as well as those ‘just in case’ occasions. With vet trusted brands in our deworming range, and a variety of applications, you'll find a dewormer to suit both you and your pooch. Some of our most popular worm treatments for dogs include:

Dog worming tablets

Dog worming tablets are a popular choice when it comes to protecting your dog for worms. This type of dewormer can give protection for 3 months, as long as your dog is not at high-risk for worms. A popular brand that protects against roundworms and tapeworms is Drontal, which comes in a flavoured tablet, making it easy to give to your dog.

Spot on dewormers for dogs

Spot on worming treatments for dogs often give protection from a range of parasites, not just worms.  These treatments are prescription only, so you will need to get a prescription from your vet before purchasing.

Worming powders for dogs

If you struggle to give your dog tablets, worming powders can give protection for your dog. These powders can easily be mixed into your pooch's food, making them easy to administer.

If you need any help on choosing the best worming treatment for your dog, contact our team who will be happy to help!