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We’ve been making mealtimes your dog’s favourite time of the day since 2005. Our experts continuously test brands and products to ensure your pet is being fed the very best. From proper chunks of meat, varied vegetables to dry and nutritious dog food our menu is based on the à la carte option only- but for much lower prices, meaning you can love them well for less. Shop brands like Hill's, Purina, Royal Canin and more.

Browse your dog's favourite wet or dry dog food or have a look at our condition and age specific dog food to keep your pet happy and healthy.


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    Hill's Z/D Food Sensitivities Prescription Diet Dog Food
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    Hill's I/D Digestive Care Prescription Diet Dog Food
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    Hill's C/D Urinary Stress Prescription Diet Dog Food
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    Hill's Soft Baked Dog Treats 2325
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    Hill's Healthy Weight Dog Treats 2324
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    Hill's Science Plan Dog Food: Perfect Weight 2398
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    Hill's Gastrointestinal Biome Dog Food 3220
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    Hill's Healthy Mobility Dog Treats 2326
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    Hill's Hypoallergenic Dog Treats 2327
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What is the Best Dog Food?

Which is the best dog food depends on a variety of factors, such as the breed, size, age, weight and nutritional requirements of your dog. Another factor can be if your dog has any specific medical conditions – this is key when choosing dog food. If you are in any doubt, speak to your vet. You’ll find many vet recommended dog foods in our range.

Dry Dog Food or Wet Dog Food: Which is Best?

The simple answer is…whatever your dog prefers. There are benefits to each. The main difference is the water content, wet food has more so will help to keep your dog hydrated. It’s usually more palatable and easier to digest too.

With dry food – or dog kibble, your dog will take in more calories in small quantities compared to wet food. Because of the higher calorie content, you don’t need to feed as much dry dog food, so it’s usually more cost-effective.

Best Dog Food Brands

You’ll find all of the biggest and best dog food brands in our range, plus the all-important vet recommended dog foods. We’ll discuss a few of the benefits of each to help you make your choice.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a great choice when it comes to dog food, as it’s loved by vets and pet owners alike, and has been for some time. So, you know when you pick Royal Canin that your dog will receive a high-quality meal with lots of nutritional benefits. It’s also a good brand because you have a choice of breed specific dog food dog food which is tailored for any specific medical needs. Although you may pay slightly more for this premium brand, you’ll often find there are deals to be had. – especially when buying dog food online.


Another top choice for your dog is Hill’s dog food. This brand offers dog food that is high quality and caters for all kinds of breeds, life stages and specific needs. Dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats can all be found within this brand. Hill’s also offer a Prescription Diet dog food range and a Science Plan dog food. You’ll also find Ideal Balance and VetEssentials. Check with your vet if you’re unsure which is best for your dog.

James Wellbeloved

There are lots of tasty options to be found in this brands range of dog food. And this brand is all about natural ingredients and so makes a great choice for fussy eaters and dogs with allergies. James Wellbeloved doesn’t contain any dairy, beef, pork, soya, eggs or wheat. And you’ll never find cheap fillers and artificial ingredients in this food. Just lots of good quality, natural and complete foods. 


Another quality dog food brand to consider is Purina. This brand has been around for 85 years and is one of the most popular brands in the UK. Purina has a range of kibble dog food, wet food and loads of tasty dog biscuits – including dental care treats. Plus, the Pro Plan range has options for your dog’s medical needs. You’ll often find a great money-saving deal on Purina when you buy dog food online.

Great Value Dog Food

If you want the widest choice, the best deal and free delivery…it’s all here. Plus, loads of free pet care information and an online pharmacy. If you’re in any doubt, take a look at the great reviews. You can be sure you’re getting the best for your pet at an affordable price when you buy dog food from Pet Drugs Online.