Heart Medication for Dogs

Your dog's heart health is a top priority for a happy and long life. It can be scary, if your dog has been diagnosed with a heart condition such as congestive heart failure or a heart murmur, but our range of heart medications has everything needed to keep your pooch comfortable.


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What Is Heart Failure?

Heart failure, also known as cardiac insufficiency, is when the heart is no longer able to pump blood around the body properly. This causes increased blood pressure and fluid to leak into the lungs, and sometimes other organs. Congestive heart failure is unfortunately very common, it occurs in about 10% of all dogs and around 75% of senior dogs.

The Best Heart Medication for Dogs 

Signs and symptoms of heart failure in dogs may vary depending on the underlying disease or which side of the heart is affected. However, these are the most common signs to watch out for:

• Coughing

• Difficulty breathing and shortness of breath

• Swollen belly

• Fatigue and inability to exercise>

• Weight loss

• Fainting

If your dog presents with any of these symptoms or you are worried it might have a heart condition, contact your vet as soon as possible. Only a vet can diagnose your dog with a heart condition.

Heart Failure Treatments for Dogs

If you dog has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure then our range of heart medications for dogs will help you manage your pet's treatment. We carry trusted brands such as Fortekor, Cardisure, and Enacard, all in a range of doses including 1mg, 5mg, and 10mg to follow your vet's prescription.

Oedema Treatments for Dogs

Oedema is excessive swelling caused by a build-up of fluid in the dog's tissue and around it's organs. This is a very common symptom of cardiac insufficiency (heart failure) and renal dysfunction. We carry furosemide for dogs and Libeo tablets, as well as Vetmedin chewable tablets to treat heart failure-related oedema in dogs.

Endocarditis Treatments for Dogs

Some heart disease is caused by an infection in the heart, which is called endocarditis. Heart failure can also cause respiratory infections in your dog. Brands such as Cephacare and Marfloquin can help treat these infections. If your dog prefers chewable tablets, then we also carry brands like Efex.

For uncooperative dogs, we have a range of pill givers for dogs that can help make giving your pup their medication a lot easier.

Dog Food for Dog Heart Health

For early support of healthy heart function, shop our dog foods for a healthy heart, which all have reduced sodium levels and are full of nutrients, healthy fats, protein, and positive carbohydrates.

A dog’s diet, if perfected, can add 2 years to a dog’s life from all the nutritional benefits packed into their mealtimes.

Affordable Dog Heart Health Treatments

Emergency and long-term conditions can be costly, but Pet Drugs Online can help you keep your dog's heart health treatments affordable. Save money across our great range of dog food and dog supplements as well as prescription medication for dogs.