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Eye Drops & Ear Treatments for Dogs

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Give your dog's vision and hearing the special treatment with a range of expertly formulated products which have been designed with your pet in mind. Featuring in our collection are ear cleaners, repair gels, eye drops and solutions to help them feel their best. Shop with Otodex, Epiotic and Remend. Love them well.

Give your dog's ears and eyes special attention with the range of treatments and products from Pet Drugs Online. From eye drops to ear cleaners, we have everything you need to keep your dog in tip top condition.

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Caring For Your Dog’s Ears and Eyes

Our dog’s hearing and vision are crucially important to their health and wellbeing. Supporting their natural instincts to have strong hearing and 20/20 vision, your dog can require extra care as they age or develop conditions.

Unfortunately, the decline of your pet’s vision and hearing is never pleasant and can feel upsetting or can create boundaries in communication. Our ear and eye drops are hugely important in keeping them happy and healthy, they become vital to their wellbeing and happiness. While it’s important that your pet is checked by a vet if you’re unsure, our eye and ear treatments have been formulated and designed by veterinary experts and pet owners to make sure you gain control of their ageing process and keep their vision and hearing in good condition.

The Best Ear and Eye Treatments for Dogs 

Our most popular brands include five-star rated Otodex, Cleanaural and Vetruus who provide a variety of products including ear drops for dogs, eye drops for dogs, wipes, and solutions. Created to help treat your pet sensitively but effectively, these gentle products will prevent infection or further loss in their sight or hearing. Soothe irritation, pain or confusion and help your dog to keep their eyes and ears clean and healthy.


Oxtodex a fast-acting ear treatment for dogs which has been rated by hundreds of customers as a five-star worthy product. This solution will help relieve scratching and kills ear mites in dogs and clear wax while relieving irritation. Even if your dog is not ageing or developing a specific condition, it’s important to keep their ears or tear ducts clean and prevent the build-up of dried tears, oil or mucus in their tear ducts which can particularly build up when they sleep.


Remend is a brand that has our best seller eye treatments for dogs. Their Dry Eye Lubricant Drops for dogs provides long-lasting moisture and lubrication to the eyes. Remend is antibiotic, steroid, and preservative free and you can use these dog eye drops up to three times a day to help moisten and support your pets dry eyes.


Vetruus have developed Clorexyderm Oto Ear Solution to provide antibacterial solutions for your dog’s ears enabling them to hear well and remain healthy. Our vet loves this dog ear treatment and says, ‘Easier to use that it is to say! And very effective. It’s certainly a big hit with our customers. Use it to maintain healthy ears in dogs for when there is a build-up of bacteria that needs treating or to maintain non-infected ears.’