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Dog Dental Care

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Promote fresh breath, defend against bacteria and prevent infection by keeping on top of your dog’s dental care. Shop dog toothbrushes, dog toothpaste and chews with trusted brands such as Virbac, PlaqueOff and Logic. With a range of delicious chews, gels, and pastes in our dental collection, we know your dog will find it hard to resist this easy and tasty treat.

There are so many simple ways to tackle dog dental care - including toothpastes and easy to use toothbrushes, plus tasty dog dental chews. A healthy mouth and fresh breath for all puppies and dogs couldn’t be easier.

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Keeping on Top of Your Dog’s Dental Care 

In the UK 87% of dogs over the age of three are affected by periodontal disease. Your dog’s teeth require regular checks and maintenance in a similar way human’s do, their gum health is important in preventing diseases such as gum disease. Making sure their dental care routine includes preventing the build-up of plaque, promote hygiene and of course keeping their breath as fresh as possible are important steps to keeping them healthy.

If your dog is less cooperative or resistant to try their new dental care routine, try frequently hand feeding them, gently opening their mouth occasionally and trying to carefully look at their teeth so they get used to the motion of your hand in their mouth. This will help support your efforts when practising cleaning their teeth or checking for any infections. In-between your dental care routines, try to book in a dental check up every 6-12 months with your vet to keep on top of any issues before they develop.

The Best Dog Dental Care Products  

We know that dog’s reactions to toothbrushes and pastes can be mixed, but we have developed a range of dental care with dogs with brands to deliver only the most delicious pastes and gels on the market making it hard for your dog to resist. Oral hygiene sits at the centre of good dental healthcare for our dogs, and we think Virbac, PlaqueOff and YuCARE have perfected it. With a selection of dog dental care products such as chews, gels, pastes, powders, and accessories you will be able to combat tartar, plaque and other bacteria’s that can build up on your dog’s teeth and even save them from tooth loss.


Shaping the future of your dog’s oral health, Virbac aim to provide fresh breath and defend against bacteria with their range of dental care products. Shop their collection based on hundreds of positive reviews and happy customers.


PlaqueOff specialises in your dog’s dental care, they understand it is not always the easiest job but an important one none the less. Reduce the ability of plaque to stick to the gums or teeth in your dog’s mouth with Plaque Off Powder. It will soften hard tartar and dissolve the build-up, leaving a clean and healthy mouth.


With their tooth cleaner and tooth polish, YuCARE have a selection of products to help you make your dog’s oral hygiene a priority. They want to help you have an easy, simple, and successful experience while providing a positive dental care session.

Dental Care Dog Toys

For everyday maintenance, try Kong’s Dental With Rope Dog Toy, it’s a great dental care for dogs at playtime and keeps them engaged with an entertaining and quality toy. Love them well for less and save on this range of delicious, quick, and effective range of dental care.

We hope your dog can fully embrace their dental care routine from our variety dental care products and flavoured gels and pastes including poultry and other meats and prevent your pet putting up too much of a fight. By trying our dental chews, dogs can look forward to their daily treat and care for their teeth and gums at the same time. Notice a difference and watch quick results develop with consistent use or application.


Shop the range and feel confident about making the right choice while saving heavily on the products your pet needs the most.