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  1. You save 36%
    Protexin CystoPro
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    Clavubactin 250mg Tablets for Dogs
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    Cystaid Canine
  4. You save 54%
  5. You save 61%
    Clavubactin 500mg Tablets for Cats & Dogs
  6. You save 68%
    Clavubactin 50mg Tablets for Cats & Dogs
  7. Hema-Combistix
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  8. Marfloquin 5mg Tablets
    Marfloquin 5mg Tablets
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  9. Cefaseptin 750mg
    Cefaseptin 750mg
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Dog Urinary Products

If your dog suffers from urinary issues, you can ease their discomfort with a number of specially medicated products created to improve their urinary health.

From urinary dog food and supplements, to pastes to reduce struvite stones in your dog’s urine, there are many ways you can help relieve the discomfort of urinary problems in dogs.

If it’s not your dog, but your lawn that’s suffering, there are a surprising number options to prevent lawn burn in the garden as a result of your dog urinating on the grass. Dog rocks in water bowls, or supplementary tablets solve the problem at source meaning you and your dog can both enjoy your garden.