Hairball Treatments & Remedies

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Hairballs happen, lets prevent them. Our range of easy hairball treatments include hairball cat food, cat hairball remedies and cat hairball pastes.

Shop the range of hairball treatments for cats, from hairball cat food to remedies and pastes. Keep your cat happy and comfortable for less.


Why You Should Take Care of Hairballs in Cats

Unfortunately for cats, hairballs are unpleasant and can cause discomfort which may result in different behaviours to usual. Hairballs can be formed when your cat swallow’s hair during grooming and it accumulate sin the stomach and won’t pass through to the next part of the digestive system. To support being able to relieve themselves of their hairball, our cat hairball treatments has been designed to help your cat pass a hairball and makes the process easier, quicker, and cleaner for your cat. Hairballs can cause intestinal blockages and many other digestives or respiratory issues which can be easily avoidable. Sometimes your cat can’t cough up a hairball, so they are crucial to remove and should be routinely checked for when caring for your cat.

How to Help Your Cat Pass a Hairball

To help treat and prevent your cats’ hairballs, they should be looked out for regularly when grooming your cat. From specially designed cat food to cat hairball treatments and cat hairball pastes there’s many ways to prevent the build-up of fur. From brands including Hills, Royal Canin to James Wellbeloved, this collection of cat hairball prevention provides only the best ingredients to help your cat pass a hairball.

James Wellbeloved 

James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Hairball Food has everything your cat needs to support a healthy digestive system while preventing and treating your cat’s hairballs. From a whole variety of flavours to quality ingredients, James Wellbeloved’s cat hairball prevention will have your cat at ease in no time. The key benefits this brand uses are that it not only helps prevent hairballs but promotes a healthy and glossy coat. The blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support your cat’s health as well as encourages beneficial bacteria in the gut.


The Hill’s Science Plan Adult Cat Food has been researched for years to provide your cat what they need to prevent the build-up of cat hairballs whilst getting the nutrition they need. This brand has formulated their food to bring high quality protein, ingredients for heart health and contains minerals and vitamins.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin’s hairball care cat food has a veterinary health nutrition status and will support your cat against hairball formation while providing a highly digestible formula with balanced fibres and prebiotics. The moderate calorie content will help to sustain your cat at a healthy weight and provide them with the ingredients to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Love them well for less

At Pet Drugs Online, we want you to be able to provide great health to your cat but at affordable prices. We have also made sure that if you spend over £29, delivery is on us. Get ahead, stock up, be prepared and love them well for less with our cat hairball treatments.