Cat Treats

From enrichment to incentives, we've got everything you need for your cat with our premium cat treats and kitten treats. They not only deliver nutrients quickly to their digestive system but also provide rewards for good behaviour. Keep things interesting and be spoilt for choice with brands including Arden, Thrive and Pet Munchies.

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    KONG Better Buzz Bee Cat Toy 2438
    KONG Better Buzz Bee Cat Toy with Catnip
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    KONG Kitty KONG Cat Toy
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    KONG Kickeroo Cat Toy 3866
    KONG Kickeroo™ Cat Toy with Catnip
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    KONG Occasions Catnip Infused Soft Toy
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    KONG Wubba Catnip Infused Cat Toy
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    KONG Catnip Cat Toys: Enchanted Assorted Characters 10161
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What are the Best Cat Treats?

When it comes to cat treats, there are endless options! We have great choices for tasty rewards, training incentives, and playtime enrichment, so you can stock up on your favourites. Our range is full of trusted brands that use premium ingredients, so you can rest assured you're giving your cat the best.

Whether your cat enjoys fish or chicken, soft treats or crunchy bits, we have something that they'll love.

Healthy Cat Treats

Treats are an essential part of an enriched life for your cat but you want to make sure that they're getting the best when it comes to nutrients. Our range of cat treats includes plenty of high-quality and healthy foods that can aid you in giving your cat a balanced diet.

Try Verm-X Herbal Crunchies, which are 100% natural and contain gentle probiotics. These are a great choice for kittens and senior cats who have more sensitive digestive systems and need a little help. Or Dechra Organic cat treats, which contain 95% certified organic ingredients and are low in carbohydrates. If you have a cat with diabetes or that struggles with weight gain, these are a fantastic option for adding to their diet.</p>

Catnip Treats

Catnip is a classic treat that cats love. Buying loose catnip means you can use it as you see fit – try sprinkling it on scratching posts or putting it inside homemade toys to encourage your cat to play! It is safe for kittens, however, they might not show any interest until they reach 6 months to a year old.

Catnip is completely safe for feline consumption and non-toxic. However, some cats may get an upset stomach if they eat large quantities of dry leaves. Therefore, you should always supervise your cat when playing with loose catnip and ensure that you limit the amount given to them if they tend to eat the leaves.

Cat Treats for Training

Cats are very intelligent creatures and love to learn! Take advantage of your cat's curious (and often mischievous) nature by encouraging good behaviour with delicious treats. Soft treats and pastes like Arden Grange's liver paste is a great choice to keep your kitty engaged and change up their diet for more interest

Kitten Treats

Our range includes treats for kittens as well as senior cats. With kittens, you have to be mindful of giving them easily digestible food that doesn’t upset their sensitive stomachs. If you are giving your kitten healthy treats such as the Thrive cat treats, remember not to give them too much and some treats should be cut into smaller pieces to avoid overeating and choking.

For more kitten enrichment, take a look at our cat and kitten toys.