Cat Stress & Anxiety Relief

Help find the right anxiety solutions and calmers for your cat within our anxiety and stress reliever range. Support your four-legged friend’s wellbeing and ensure they feel relaxed and calm within their environment with cat stress relief products including cat calming tablets, plug ins, anxiety medication and specialist sprays. Love them well for less.

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Cat Anxiety

Cats often show us various signs of feeling anxious or nervous to communicate their discomfort. However, making the decision on which forms of anxiety remedies, including tablets, plug-ins or anxiety medicine to choose can feel quite overwhelming. Dependent on the breed and age of your cat, their needs may differ in terms of which cat anxiety medication is best.

What Can Cause Stress And Anxiety In Cats?

There are immediate signs your cat may display if they are unhappy, including failing to use the litter tray, sudden aggression, an increase in meowing or a simple change in appetite or mood. Noticing these signs earlier rather than later can help put your cat at ease and calm their nerves. Often there is a trigger to their stress, whether it’s separation anxiety, another pet, lifestyle changes, a new environment or even social anxiety with other humans. Whatever the cause or whether they suffer from continuous anxiety, we have a wide range of stress relief for cats to help.

The Best Anxiety And Stress Relievers For Cats

Understanding your cat’s mental welfare is hugely important. Understanding how your cat communicates with you is vital when establishing their mental health issues. While all pets are different, changes in behaviour can be supported by a variety of stress remedies for cats.

Cat Anxiety Tablets

From brands including Feliway and Dorwest, our cat anxiety tablets are the perfect supplement to reduce stress and help with cat anxiety levels. There are different forms of tablets available for your cat, including chewable tablets and capsules, but make sure to check the dosage on each product for your age or breed of cat.

Cat Anxiety Diffusers

Our cat diffusers help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed cats, working gently alongside your cats own natural calming mechanisms. From brands such as Feliway and Pet Remedy, our cat diffuser kits are available for cats and kittens. There are a range of diffuser packs to individual diffusers, along with refillable bottles. Our diffuser help create a supportive environment for you cat, as well as being safe and easy to use.

Cat Anxiety Spray

Our water-based anxiety sprays are safe on the skin and coats of cats, helping them relax and keep calm without sedation. This fast-working remedy is perfect for cats and is available in various sizes including a handy pocket size, perfect for travel. From our anti-chewing spray to our de-stress and calming spray, choose the right normal use and travel essentials for your cat.

Cat Stress Relief and Anxiety Medication At Pet Drugs Online

At Pet Drugs Online, we know that it can be worrying when your cat is showing signs of stress. So, we supply the best anxiety medication at an affordable price. Stock up on calming remedies for your cat and save on free delivery when you spend over £29, meaning you can afford other essentials along the way.