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Cat Joint Supplements

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Keep your cat active and on the move with our joint supplement range. Formulated to support your cat’s joint tissue and mobility, this collection will support ageing cats and enhance their physical health to keep them happy and comfortable. Shop YuMOVE Cat and Seraquin.

Joint support and mobility treatments for your cat don't have to be expensive. See how much you can save on the top brands including YuMOVE Cat, Seraquin and Royal Canin.

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Caring for Feline Joints

Cats can suffer many of the same issues as humans when they age, struggling with mobility and stiff joints are two of the most common signs of growing old in our feline friends. Maintaining your cat’s joint health means they can stay active and healthy for longer- balancing their weight control and keeping their mood happy. Keeping their joints healthy is what they need to stalk, pounce and leap. By shopping with Pet Drugs Online, you’re keeping your costs down on pet supplies too.

The Best Joint Supplements for Cats

As cats get older, their collagen levels decrease which means the lubricant for their joints and cushion for their tendons also disappears. Your cat’s joints support them, and when they’re in pain this can decrease their quality of life. We stock a range of popular, veterinary approved brands, that supply joint supplements for cats. Whether you are looking for a way to reduce their arthritis pain, give them extra joint support, or even help their joints after injury, you can meet their needs with our supplements. Below are some of our most popular joint supplement brands for cats:


Seraquin is one of our bestsellers when it comes to vitamins and supplements. This brand is the expert when it comes to your cat’s joint health. Our vet says, ‘Seraquin is often recommended by vets to maintain healthy joints due to age or injury. It works by slowing down the progression of Osteoarthritis by stimulating the joint’s auto repair capacity. You’ll see from our customer reviews that they have made a real difference to their pet’s quality of life.’


ActiveEase has created YuMOVE to support your cat’s stiff and painful joints. With a triple-action formula and five-star reviews, this product will have your cat back to their kitten-like ways in no time.

Arthri Aid

Arthri Aid has developed a liquid and tablets for your cat’s joint health. Whatever their preference, these formulas are veterinary approved for their quick results. Containing added vitamins such as vitamin C and manganese, our vet says, ‘A high-quality supplement with omega 3, glucosamine and chondroitin as a key ingredients. Together they aid the growth of new cartilage and lubricate joints. It’s also got a bunch of vitamins which act as powerful antioxidants.’.

How to Feed Your Cat Supplements

To get your cat to swallow their supplements, hide them in their favourite snack or treat to excite them and encourage them to swallow the treatment.  One simple step will help you prevent arthritis and other joint-related health conditions so your pet can focus on what really matters.