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Cat Dental Care

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Keep on top of your cat’s dental care with a range of delicious gels, and pastes in our dental collection, all designed to keep their teeth clean and their breathe fresh. Shop cat teeth cleaning with trusted brands such as Aquadent Vet, Vetruus and Virbac.

Keep your cats teeth clean and healthy with the range of cat teeth cleaning products from Pet Drugs Online. Including dental cat food, tooth cleaners and mouth gels.

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Keeping on Top of Your Cat’s Dental Care

In the UK, 1 in 8 of cats are likely to suffer from gum disease. This common condition can be painful for your cat and promote issues such as tooth loss or bleeding gums. It is important to care for your cat’s teeth and gums regularly to avoid long term infections and diseases. Unfortunately, check-ups at the vets aren’t quite enough to provide the frequent care they need, so we’ve developed a collection especially for you to choose, pick and try different cat dental care products. These products have been designed to promote good hygiene, remove excess plaque, and provide a fresher breath so your cat can live happily and healthily.

Bad dental hygiene can not only cause bad breath in your cat, but it can develop various issues. It can become painful for your cat to eat their food it their teeth develop cavities. Cats can even develop mouth ulcers if their dental care is neglected.

The Best Brands for Cat Dental Care

Your cat may struggle or try to run away when it’s time for a dental check. However, there are simple tips to get your wriggling feline to cooperate. These include chews, oral gels and treats to provide food incentives rather than putting a brush inside their mouth. We’ve got some of the best brands both in the country and worldwide at a price you can afford, making dental care easy and not costly.

Aquadent Vet

Aquadent Vet has been researched and formulated by trained vets who specialise in dental care to help freshen your cats breath and maintain oral hygiene. Our vet says, ‘Aquadent works by limiting plaque and tartar, and that’s the stuff which causes your pet to have bad smelling breath. If you struggle to brush your pet’s teeth this could be a good solution for you.’.


Vetruus specialises in your cat’s healthcare including their dental health by providing a range of products you’re able to pick which best suits you and your cat. With expert formulas like their antibacterial gel, Vetruus is highly rated.


Virbac has you covered with an oral rinsing solution which controls the levels of bacteria in the mouth and prevents bad breath. It provides a temporary relief of minor gum irritation and reduces plaque to build up.

Why Buy Your Cat's Dental Care From Pet Drugs Online

At Pet Drugs Online, we care just as much about your pets health as you do, so we strive to bring you the best health products and medications for your pet at a low cost price. Stock up on your cat’s dental essentials and save on free delivery when you spend over £29.