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Remend Corneal Repair Gel

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Corneal Gel for dogs, cats and horses to aid in the management of superficial corneal ulcers, and dry eye lubricant drops for dogs.
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Product Details

Remend Corneal Repair Gel contains a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA), which occurs naturally throughout the body in both humans and animals. The HA in Remend is cross-linked, which creates a scaffold-effect. This helps cells migrate across the ulcer during the healing process, which can speed up the healing time and reduce the potential for scar formation.


It is available in
  • Single 3ml or 10 x 3ml tubes.

The treatment can be used on both cats and dogs. Always use gloves.

1 to 2 drops should be placed directly onto the injured cornea. The movement of the eyelid will then distribute the gel around the surface of the eye. Apply the Gel twice daily, until corneal repair is complete.

Do not touch the tip of the container to any surface as this may cause contamination. Replace cap securely after using.

Store the product at room temperature. It may be stored in the refrigerator, however ensure that the product is then warmed to room temperature prior to use. Keep out of reach of children.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"If your pet has a corneal ulceration, Remend will help it heal by keeping it moist. It's easy to apply, antibiotic and steroid-free and you can choose from a single 3ml dropper or a pack of 10. Please read the instructions carefully before administering the gel."
John Campbell - Head Veterinary Surgeon (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)
John Campbell Head Veterinary Surgeon And
Co-Founder (BVM&S BSc MRCVS)