Planet Friendly Products

Take the first step towards sustainable pet ownership with our great range of eco-friendly pet products from top brands like Beco and Be:Loved. From compostable dog poo bags to 100% natural dog grooming products, you can make a small change towards a big impact.

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What Does Sustainable Mean?

Finding an exact definition of sustainable can be a challenge, but generally speaking, sustainability is the long-term goal where people can coexist on the Earth peacefully and safely for a long period of time. This involves recognising the threat that the Climate Crisis poses to our everyday lives and finding more positive and environmentally friendly ways to live in the future.

Sustainable Pet Ownership

Sustainability starts at home and not just by upping your recycling. There are steps you can take to be a more sustainable pet owner without the huge price tag so you can put your best foot forward when it comes to sustainability.

Beco Pets

Even the brands you shop with can have an impact, and Beco pet products are the perfect place to start if you’re looking to be a more eco-conscious pet owner. They have a range of great products available, from sustainable pet toys to compostable dog poo bags. Beco prides itself on transparency and is a proudly carbon-neutral company with goals to inspire change and action by supporting environmental causes across the globe.

Be:Loved Pet Care

Just because you’re looking to be a more sustainable pet owner doesn’t mean you can’t still pamper your pet. Be:Loved Pet Care offer a fantastic range of dog grooming products, from their Be:Clean shampoo bars to their soothing Be:Safe Paw and Nose Balm. Be:Loved prides itself on producing 100% natural products right here in the UK, and they go above and beyond to ensure its packaging is 90% plastic free!