Panacur® Equine Granules Wormer for Horses 22.2% w/w

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Panacur® Equine Granules Wormer for Horses is a ready to administer oral wormer for horses and other equines.

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Panacur® Equine Granules Wormer for Horses is a broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment and control of benzimadazole susceptible adult and immature roundworms of the gastro-intestinal tract in horses and other equines. Panacur® is a very popular broad-spectrum wormer helping to treat migrating roundworms and to destroy worm eggs. 

Withdrawal Period: Not for use in animals intended for human consumption.


Routine treatment: Administer orally 5g Panacur Equine Granules per 150kg bodyweight. (= 7.5mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight)

Practical dosage recommendations:

Up to 150kg: 5g

151 to 300kg: 10g

301 to 450kg: 15g

451 to 600kg: 20g

601 to 750kg: 25g

751 to 900kg: 30g

Panacur Equine Granules sachet packs each contain 10.2g granules and can be used as follows:

Foals and ponies up to 300kg bodyweight: 1 sachet

Thoroughbreds and other breeds of horses up to 600kg body weight: 2 sachets

Heavy hunters, heavy draft horses: 3 sachets

Donkeys: 1 sachet

Increased dosing for specific infections.

Five-day course:

For the treatment and control of migrating larval stages of large strongyles and encysted mucosal 3rd and 4th stage larvae and inhibited 3rd stage small strongyle larvae (encysted) in the mucosa, administer 5g Panacur Equine Granules per 150kg body weight daily for 5 days.

(= 7.5 mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight daily for 5 days).

Single dose treatments:

For the treatment and control of encysted mucosal stages of small strongyles, administer 20g Panacur Equine Granules per 150kg bodyweight.

(= 30 mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight).

To treat and control migrating stages of large strongyles, administer 40g Panacur Equine Granules per 150kg body weight.

(= 60 mg fenbendazole/kg bodyweight).

Diarrhoea caused by Strongyloides westeri in two to three week old suckling foals should be treated with Panacur 10% Suspension at a dose rate of 25ml per 50kg bodyweight.

(= 50mg fenbendazole per kg bodyweight).

Panacur Equine Granules should be sprinkled onto concentrate or grain feed, and the full dosage should be given in one administration.

To ensure administration of a correct dose, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing device should be checked.

Recommended dosing programme

All horses should be routinely wormed with the single dose of Panacur Equine Granules every 6-8 weeks.

Treatment of encysted mucosal dwelling larvae should ideally be done in the autumn (late October/November) and again in the Spring.

However, for horses who fail to maintain their condition or bought-in horses with unknown worming history, the treatment can be given at any time of the year.

Panacur® Equine Granules Wormer for Horses 22.2% w/w is available in the following sizes:
  • 1 x 10.2g Sachet
  • 10 x 10.2g Sachets
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