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Newmarket Joint Supplement

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Newmarket Joint Supplement is for both the convalescing horse as well as the performing horse and the aging athlete or retiree.

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Product Details

Newmarket Joint Supplement

Newmarket Joint Supplement provides the most concentrated available glucosamine with high bio-availability for both the convalescing horse as well as the performing horse and the aging athlete or retiree.

The product also contains: Cartilage for normal joint function, Glucosamine that allows cartilage to become elastic or sponge-like in its properties as well as the smooth lubricated surfaces that slide together during motion, Glucosamine to minimize the inflammation found within an injured joint and to help maintain cartilage and aid in repair and some degree of regeneration.

The necessary criteria to select the relevant product are to verify the purity of the product, evaluate the amount of glucosamine the horse will be getting on a daily basis and finally to see which form best meets the individual horse's needs.

Ponies up to 300kg/600lb - 5g - 0.5
Horses up to 500kg/1100lb -10g -1.0
Horses over 500kg/1100lb -15g - 1.5

This product should not be used in food producing animals/ Common injuries or conditions that may be responsive to glucosamine are arthritis or degenerative joint disease, osteochondrosis and soft tissue injuries such as tendon or ligament strains.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"This is a really pure and concentrated way of adding Glucosamine to your horse's diet. Glucosamine is essential for cartilage, tendon and ligament repair. So, if your horse is convalescing, aging or a performance horse - this should help repair and maintain cartilage. Choose from 500g, 1.5kg or 2.5kg packs."