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Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs

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Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs

Specially designed supplement which supports dogs with skin challenges to help give a shiny coat and healthy skin.
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Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs

Enriched with essential fatty acids which nourish the skin and also promotes good coat condition.

It is available in 150g or 300g pot.

Key benefits of Natural Vetcare Skin Supplement For Dogs:
-Encourages hair and nail growth
-Supports a shiny coat
-Nourishes and soothes dry irritated skin

Loading Rate (7days)
Small Dogs Under 10kg 1 scoop daily
Medium Dogs 11 - 20kg 2 scoops daily
Large Dogs 21 - 30kg 3 scoops daily
X-Large Dogs Over 31kg 4 scoops daily

Once you have completed the first 7 days you will need to half the loading rate for the maintenance rate e.g. dogs up to 10kg only feed half a scoop per day.

Ingredients: Hydrolysed Poultry Protein, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Fenugreek seed, Salmon oil, Liquorice, Chlorella (dried), Yam root, Glutamine peptide, Linseed oil, Artichoke leaves, Starch (pre-gelatinised from Triticum sp), Calcium carbonate.