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Regular orders

Save time and hassle with our regular food orders

Our regular food order option helps ensure that you never run out of important food deliveries. It offers the convenience of choosing to have your favourite Hills & Royal Canin food items repeatedly delivered to you every one, two, three, or six months. 

We'll let you know when your next regular order is due to be created, and with our everyday low prices you can ensure you’re always getting the best deal.

There’s also no commitment - you can easily cancel or pause in just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I set up a regular order?

You can set up a regular order online simply by selecting the 'Make this a regular order' option where it appears on product pages. Simply select the frequency you require – every month, two months, three months or six months and add the item to your basket. Please note that this is not currently available for phone orders.

How do I pay for my regular order?

Regular orders are set up in the same way as a normal online order using a credit or debit card. The items will be charged each time at the price advertised on the website. The card you use to purchase your products will be debited with the regular order price of your chosen product, every time the product is due.

How often will I receive my regular order product(s)?

On receipt of your order we will dispatch your first product(s) straight-away, and then all subsequent repeat items will dispatched at the one, two, three or six monthly frequency selected during the set-up process. We will let you know shortly before your next regular order is due to be processed as a reminder and you can pause or cancel at any time before your order is processed.

What if my regular order product is at a lower price in one of your offers?

We offer a regular order price promise to ensure that you’ll always receive the best price on your regular order. We operate a policy of everyday low prices to ensure you get the best possible prices all the time, but should your product be on offer, we will match that price on your regular order whilst it is available. Please note that we do also reserve the right to increase the price of future orders should there be a significant change in what it costs us to purchase the item. We will of course notify you in advance of this and you will have the opportunity to cancel.

When will my card be debited?

Your card will be debited every time your product is due and processed. You will notify you in advance to let you know that your order will be processed and you can cancel or pause your shipment if needed. Please note that we will require at least a couple of working days (Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) advance notice to ensure there is sufficient time to make any pause or cancellation amends to an order before it is processed.

Is it possible to pause my regular order?

Absolutely. We realise that there are occasions when you might not wish to cancel your regular order, but you need to pause it, such as for a holiday for instance. Simply log into your account online and click on ‘View regular orders’ and then select the ‘Pause’ button. You can also cancel your regular order in the same way.

How do I cancel or pause my regular order?

You can pause or cancel your regular orders in just a few clicks online. Simply log into your account online and click on ‘View regular orders’ and then select the relevant ‘Pause’ or ‘Cancel’ buttons.

Which products is the regular orders service available for?

The service is currently available for selected food products from Royal Canin and Hills. Eligible products will have a ‘Make this a regular order’ option on the product page.

How long will be regular orders last?

Your regular orders will be set up for 12 months, but can be cancelled or paused at any time with no commitment.