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Hema-Combistix are reagent strips for urinalysis measuring of Blood, pH, Protein and Glucose.
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Hema-Combistix are regent strips for urinalysis measuring of Blood, pH, Protein and Glucose.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Collect fresh urine specimen in a clean dry container / Remove one strip from bottle and replace cap / Dip test area of strip in urine and remove immediately /Tap edge of strip against container or clean dry surface to remove excess urine / Compare test area to Colour Chart exactly 10 seconds after wetting /  Ignore colour changes that occur after 10 seconds / Protect from light and moisture/  Store in a cool dry place at temperatures under 30 C but not in a refrigerator.


Do not transfer reagent strips from the original bottle to any other container / Do not remove paper desiccant pouch from bottle /  Do not open bottle in a steamy bathroom / Remove only one reagent strip at a time and replace cap immediately and tightly / Perform test by following directions exactly / Do not touch test areas of strips and avoid contacting them with unclean objects / Use within 6 months after first opening AND Do not use after expiration date.