Harrisons Adult Lifetime Mash

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Adult Lifetime Mash is a high potency, non-allergenic formulation feed, developed for adult birds in need of year round nourishment.
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Product Details

Harrisons Adult Lifetime Mash

Harrisons Adult Lifetime Mash  is a coarse powder providing complete nutrition for birds that prefer a powder rather than a solid piece which can also be sprinkled onto fruit or moistened with fruit juice or water and then shaped as needed.

You should select Adult Lifetime Formula if your bird has been eating Harrisons Bird Food for 6 months and is not one of the breeds requiring High Potency (see adjacent), have a diabetic bird or one which suffers from chronic egg laying (particularly cockatiels), your vet advises the use of this formula after completing a dietary program of High Potency Formula for a period of at least 6 months that are potentially allergic to other ingredients that meets the nutritional requirements for healthy non-breeding birds including canaries, budgies (parakeets), cockatiels, doves, lovebirds, conures, parrotlets, pigeons and other small parrots.