Felimazole is a prescription-only medication intended for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats. You can buy Felizamole online, provided you have a valid prescription from your vet.

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What is Felimazole for Cats?

Felimazole tablets for cats are an anti-thyroid drug used to treat long-term hyperthyroidism in cats. It can also be prescribed for short-term use to stabilise cats before surgery. They are available as coated tablets to be given orally at a dosage specified by your vet.

Felimazole tablets for cats are available to buy in the following dosages: 

Felimazole products cannot be used in pregnant or lactating cats. 

How does Felimazole Work?

As an anti-thyroid drug, Felimazole works by blocking the production of thyroid hormones to stabilise the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. The active ingredients in Felimazole are Methimazole and Thiamazole, which work to restrict the body's use of iodine, in turn preventing the formation of the thyroid hormone. 

It is important to note that Felizamole is not a cure for hyperthyroidism but a treatment intended to prevent and stabilise the symptoms. 

Can Felimazole Be Crushed?

Do not break or crush Felimazole tablets and wear gloves when handling. 

Felimazole Side Effects

As with any prescription medication, there are potential side effects from treating your pet with Felimazole. However, these side effects are uncommon, and if your pet does exhibit signs of these side effects, they tend to be mild and transient. Some of these side effects include: 

  • - Vomiting 
  • - Inappetance 
  • - Weight loss 
  • - Lethargy 
  • - Itchy skin, particularly around the head and neck

More information about Felimazole's side effects can be found in the provided product datasheet. If you are concerned about any change to your pet’s condition while taking Felizamole, consult with your vet for further advice.

Can You Buy Felizamole Without a Vet Prescription?

All Felimazole products are prescription-only veterinary medicine, which means they can only be purchased using a valid, in-date prescription from your vet. You can learn more about ordering a prescription medicine for your pet from Pet Drugs Online on our prescription information page. 

For your pet's safety, always be wary of any organisation offering to sell Felimazole or any other prescription-only veterinary medicines without a prescription.

Please note, while we have an onsite vet to oversee the supply of prescription medicines, we do not offer veterinary consultations or advice.