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Equest Horse Wormer

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Equest Horse Wormer

For the treatment and control of adult and larval stages of internal parasites, including small redworms, large redworms and bots in horses and ponies.
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Equest Horse Wormer

Equest Horse Wormer is for the treatment and control of adult and larval stages of internal parasites, including small redworms, large redworms and bots in horses and ponies. If the recommended dose is given, it provides effective control of moxidectin sensitive strains of most common parasites. Equest gel also has a persistent effect in preventing infection against small strongyles for 2 weeks after recommended dose is given.

Equest Wormer is supplied in a 14.8g syringe of oral gel containing 18.92mg/g moxidectin, 37.84 mg/g benzyl alcohol and 0.24 mg/g disodium edetate as preservatives.

One syringe contains enough gel to treat a 700kg horse at the recommended dose rate. The syringe is split into graduations and each graduation is equivalent to a 25kg dose. To ensure accurate dosing, a weigh tape or scale is recommended to be used before administering Equest gel. Care should be taken when obtaining weights of foals, low bodyweight foals and young ponies.

The dose for Equest gel is 0.4mg moxidectin per kg bodyweight.

Do not use in young foals less than 4 months of age.

Do not use the same syringe to administer the product to more than one horse unless they are running together or in direct contact with each other on the same premises.

Equest gel is intended for the use in horses only. Dogs or cats may be adversely affected if they ingest the product.

Wash hands or any exposed area after use. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

After opening, use within 6 months.

Full instructions for using Equest are included

Important: In order to purchase this product you will be required to provide the following information about your animal(s):

(i) The weight of the heaviest animal to be treated

(ii) If the animal is a horse, to confirm if it has or has not been signed out of the food chain

In addition, by accepting our terms and conditions at the point of sale, you are confirming that you have a) used this product before, b) are aware of all relevant and necessary safety precautions, c) will only use the product for its authorised purpose and d) will read all product literature.

What our vet says

"Worming your horse can be stressful for both of you if your horse is syringe adverse. But it's a vital job and someone's got to do it! A few tips - always know your horses weight, practice handling your horse's nose, have the correct dose ready to go, administer in an area which makes it easy to clean up any spills and wash your hands afterwards."