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Epiphen® (Phenobarbital) Tablets for Dogs 60mg

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Epiphen Tablets (Phenobarbital) are an oral tablet and is used in the control of epilepsy in dogs.

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Product Details

This is a prescription item and will be sent once a valid prescription has been received and approved by our vet.

Epiphen Tablets (Phenobarbital) 60mg is an oral tablet and is used in the control of epilepsy in dogs. Epilepsy is a disorder in which animals will repeatedly experience seizures (fits). It is most commonly first noticed in animals between 6 months and 5 years of age, but it could still affect animals at any age.

Epiphen Tablets (Phenobarbital) 60mg. If your dog has trouble taking pills add Royal Canin Pill Assist to your order - Pill assist is designed to help dog owners administer tablets/capsules via a tasty treat.

Please note: This is a Controlled Drug and, therefore has specific guidelines on supply. 

Please be aware that we can only dispense your prescription's full allowance within 28 days from the signed date.

We will supply a maximum of 6 months’ worth of this medication for long-term ongoing treatment, so please bear this in mind when ordering.


It is available in
  • Single or packs of 1000 tablets.


  • Active Ingredient

Epiphen Tablets are a white, circular tablet. Epiphen is also available in a solution which is predominantly used in dogs less than 12kg and who need a more accurate dose of medication.

The dosage required for this medication will vary depending on the severity of the disorder. Do not use Epiphen Tablets in pregnant animals or animals with impaired hepatic function. Do not change or stop giving Epiphen suddenly as this could cause a state of continuous seizuring.

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