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Diastix Strips

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Diastix Strips are used for detecting glucose in urine.

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Diastix Strips

Diastix Strips  are used for detecting glucose in urine.

It is not recomended to do the following: enclose pack instructions - Protect Diastix from light and moisture. 
- Store in a cool dry place at temperatures under 30C but not in a refrigerator
- Do not transfer reagent strips from the original bottle to any other container
- Do not remove paper desiccant pouch from bottle
- Do not open bottle in a steamy bathroom, remove only one reagent strip at a time and replace cap immediately and tightly

It is important to follow the directions exactly: do not touch test areas of strips, avoid contacting them with unclean objects and use within 6 months after first opening.

Do not use after expiration date. Use of Diastix can alert you and your veterinary surgeon  to changes in your pets condition for which adjustments in their diet and/or medication may be needed. Carefully follow the testing schedule your veterinary surgeon establishes.