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Dentagen® Plaque Prevention Dog Chews

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Dentagen® Plaque Prevention Dog Chews


Dentagen® Plaque Prevention Dog Chews contains a natural plant compound that inhibits plaque build-up to prevent bad breath and helps maintain healthy gums and teeth.

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Good dental hygiene is an important part of your dog’s health routine.  Dogs can’t do it on their own, they need our help. Poor dental hygiene can lead to more serious long-term health problems. Don’t take the risk.

Dentagen Dental Chews are the perfect complement to Dentagen Toothpaste. Low-calorie and tasty, these dog chews help to maintain plaque prevention without affecting your pet’s usual diet. Use them every other day to help supplement RF2 levels.

With Dentagen you can help make a real difference to your pet’s dental health. Every product in the Dentagen range contains RF2, a natural plant compound which inhibits plaque formation. By reducing plaque formation RF2 helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth. The obvious symptoms of poor dental health in dogs are bad breath, gum and tooth pain and problems eating. If these symptoms are not present, but your dog seems lethargic or generally ‘under the weather’, they may also have dental health problems. If your pet seems unwell, in pain, or is not eating properly you should always ask your vet for advice. 

Dentagen® Plaque Prevention Chews key benefits:

• Recommended by vets

• Small chews suitable for dogs under 8 kg

• Large chews suitable for dogs from 8 kg - 30 kg 

• Inhibits plaque formation with rf2 -  a natural plant compound

• Use every other day to help supplement rf2 levels

• Helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth

• Effective and easy to use

• Part of the complete dentagen rf2 teeth cleaning solution

Ideally, use in conjunction with Dentagen Toothpaste as part of your dog’s oral hygiene routine. Give one chew every other day to help supplement RF2 levels.


Cereal grains (corn flour), rheum palmatum (source of RF2), minerals (phosphorus), preservatives, flavours and antioxidants: EU approved additives

Available in 14 small chews and 14 large chews.