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Cystaid Canine

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Cystaid plus is a complementary feed for dogs suffering from idiopathic cystitis.

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Cystaid Canine

Chronic cystitis and haematuria lead to the breakdown of the bladder's mucosal barrier resulting in increased permeability, mucosal inflammation and dysuria. 

Cystaid is a supplement that helps to sustain the production of glycosaminoglycans in the bladder and alleviate the symptoms of idiopathic cystitis. 

Administration: Each capsule contains 500 mg N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine,capsule can be opened and mixed with food or give in whole, initially give 1 capsule per 10kg body weight per day for approximately 4 weeks then drop to 1 capsule per 10mg body weight every other day.

IMPORTANT: Only feed to dogs under veterinary supervision/Canine Cystaid has been recommended by veterinary specialists as a urinary supplement for dogs.

Our VetOur vet says... 'Does your dog have chronic cystitis, or an associated condition? Its not at all pleasant for them. But Canine Cystaid should help either long or short term. You can give whole or sprinkle into food. Our customers have given it great reviews.'