Clavaseptin is a medication prescribed to treat bacterial infections. It combines two active ingredients, amoxicillin and clavulanic acid, to provide a broad-spectrum antibiotic effect. You can only buy Clavaseptin online with a valid vet prescription.

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What is Clavaseptin?

Clavaseptin tablets for dogs and cats is a prescription-only antibiotic treatment prescribed to treat bacterial infections in dogs and cats, including skin infections in cats and periodontal infections in dogs. 

Clavaseptin's active ingredients are amoxicillin and clavulanic acid, which work together to provide a broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment which fights off bacteria and inhibits bacterial resistance. 

You can buy Clavaseptin online in the following sizes: 

For Dogs: 

  • → Clavaseptin 500mg
  • → Clavaseptin 250mg

For Dogs & Cats:

  • → Clavaseptin 62.5mg
  • → Clavaseptin 50mg

Your vet will determine your pet's Clavaseptin dosage at the time of prescription as well as how many tablets you will be able to buy.

How Long Does Clavaseptin Take to Work in Dogs?

Clavaseptin is a fast-acting medicine and will begin to work within your pet in 1-2 hours. You should then start to see gradual improvements in your pet's condition within the next few days. 

If your pet isn't showing signs of improvement within a few days, speak with your vet for further advice. 

Can You Crush Clavaseptin for Cats?

You should never crush Clavaseption or any other antibiotic medication for pets as it may impact how the medicine works, making it less effective. 

However, Clavaseptin may be given to your pet with or without food, so you can try and hide that tablet in a pill-giving treat or a small portion of your pet's meal to make administration easier, if necessary. 

Clavaseptin for Dogs Side Effects

As with any prescription medication, there is a chance that your pet will experience side effects when taking Clavaseptin. However, the side effects of Clavaseptin for dogs and cats are seen very rarely and may not require treatment to stop unless advised by your vet. These side effects include:

  • → Vomiting
  • → Diarrhoea

More information about possible side effects of Clavaseptin can be found in the provided product datasheet. If you are concerned about any side effects your pet experiences, consult with your vet for further advice. 

Can You Buy Clavaseptin for Dogs Without a Vet Prescription?

All Clavaseptin products are prescription-only veterinary medicines, which means they can only be purchased using a valid, in-date prescription from your vet. 

You can learn more about ordering a prescription medicine for your pet from Pet Drugs Online on our prescription information page. For your pet's safety, always be wary of any organisation offering to sell Clavaseptin or any other prescription-only veterinary medicines without a prescription.

Please note, while we have an onsite vet to oversee the sales of prescription medicines, we do not offer veterinary consultations or advice.