Chappie Original Wet Dog Food

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Chappie Original Wet Dog Food is high in protein, low in fat and enriched with essential vitamins to provide your dog with a complete balanced diet.

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Product Details

Chappie Original Wet Dog Food is trusted by vets as one of the best complete dog foods on the market. It is high in protein and low in fat, the controlled levels of nutrients and fibres releases the right amount of energy levels for your dog. Made without eggs, soya, dairy and red meat but rich in white fish, an excellent source of protein, which is low in fat and contains a unique blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Being high in protein the food is easily digestible and is also enriched with essential vitamins, perfecting that balanced diet that all dogs require, especially yours. 

InfoPLEASE NOTE:Some pet food tins are made from very thin metal, so we package them carefully for shipping. However the odd tin can get a little dented during transit. In the majority of cases this is simply cosmetic damage and the contents are unaffected. If you see a dented tin on delivery, just give it a quick once over and if you can't see any leaks the can's unpunctured - the food will be fine. If a can has leaked or is punctured get in touch via email at contact@petdrugsonline.co.uk


Available in:
  • 12 x 412g cans


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    Fish and Fish Derivatives (including min. 14% White Fish), Cereals (min. 4%), Meat and Meat Derivatives (including min. 4% Chicken), Oils and Fats, Herbs, Minerals.