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  1. You save 14%
    Furosemide / Frusemide Tablets 20mg
  2. You save 59%
    Fortekor 20mg Flavour
    Fortekor 20mg Flavour
    SRP £3.66
  3. You save 42%
    5mg Fortekor Flavour
    5mg Fortekor Flavour
    SRP £1.14
  4. You save 44%
    Corvental-D Capsules 200mg
  5. You save 48%
    2.5mg Fortekor Palatable
    2.5mg Fortekor Palatable
    SRP £0.74
  6. You save 45%
    Cardisure Flavoured Tablets for Dogs 10mg
  7. Isemid 1mg
    Isemid 1mg
    SRP £0.00
  8. You save 42%
    Cardisure Flavoured Tablets for Dogs 5mg
  9. You save 65%
    Benazecare Flavour Tablets 5mg
  10. You save 70%
    Corvental-D Capsules 100mg
  11. You save 72%
    Fortekor Plus Tablets  1.25mg/2.5mg
  12. You save 36%
    Corvental-D Capsules 500mg
  13. You save 40%
    Benazecare Flavour Tablets 20mg
  14. You save 44%
    Cardisure Flavoured Tablets for Dogs 2.5mg
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Dog Heart Care

Support your dog’s heart, health and wellbeing with specialist heart supplements for dogs, cardiac dog food, and prescription medication.

If your dog has a heart problem or condition that needs treatment, you can find a range of products to support and care for them at a fraction of the cost of high street and vet prices.

With free next working day delivery on orders over 2kg, most cardiac dog food orders are with our customers within hours, and with pet owners saving up to 50% across food, heart supplements and prescriptions for dogs – plus our 5-star service rating, you can rest assured that your dog’s health is in safe hands at Pet Drugs Online.