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The makers of Seraquin, UK’s best-selling pet joint supplement, want to know if dog owners would be interested in test driving it for free for two months! They’re looking for 10 candidates and all you have to do to is make three short videos on your phone: one at the start to introduce your dog, one midway through the trial and a final one at the end telling everyone how you got on. We’ll keep everyone posted on progress via Facebook.

Each of the videos only needs to be 30 seconds long and don’t have to be super quality (we’re looking to help pet’s knees not find the next Stanley Kubrick). You can see an example featuring Pet Drugs Online’s Harry with this post. Don’t fret we’ll take care of the titles etc.

So if you fancy trailing Seraquin make a quick intro video and send it to us via a Facebook message. We’ll look through them and pick ten candidates, then send the free samples out. An example video can be seen below the line of products.

Seraquin’s designed for pets with joint problems, or a pre-disposition to them. It is packed with Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulphate, which are found naturally in the body and are key components in cartilage. It can be given alongside any alongside any medication that your Vet has prescribed to treat pain/inflammation/arthritis. Tell-tale signs of joint problems (other than a limp!) can be increased difficulty in jumping and stiffness of movement, or changes in grooming habits and moods.

So go on – make your dog a star – and help their aching bones as well!

Here's what we're after

This is an example of the kind of video we're after. A short, introductory video introducting your dog (sorry the trial is for 2g tablets which are way too big for cats) and telling the world their story. We will take care of the stuff like titles etc. So have  a click and meet Harry!

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