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Trust the UK's No.1 flea & tick protection

Get set for spring with a further 25% off FRONTLINE® Plus - this month only.

Ticks are tiny time-bombs that can pose a big threat to your pet’s and human health as they can pass on diseases such as Lyme disease. Your pet can pick them up in the countryside, at your local park, or even your own back garden. 

FRONTLINE® Plus Spot On takes care of the problem by killing adult ticks within 48 hours and adult fleas within 24 hours of contact with your pet. 

With an extra 25% off this month it's the perfect time to make sure your cat or dog is protected and enjoy the great outdoors.

3 in 1 dogs have ticks

Did you know that almost a third of dogs checked at random across the UK were found to be carrying a tick? 

Unique double-action protection

What's more with its enhanced double-action protection, FRONTLINE® Plus Spot On has the added benefit of stopping flea eggs that fall off your pet from hatching. This helps to break the flea life cycle and reduce the risk of re-infestation - 95% of a flea problem is in your pet's home environment as eggs, larvae and pupae (cocoons).

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NEW Frontline Plus Spot On Medium Dog
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NEW Frontline Plus Spot On Medium Dog

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The FRONTLINE Plus Difference

Watch this video to find out more about the difference between FRONTLINE Plus and FRONTLINE Spot On.