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A Real Plus - 20% Off Frontline Plus This Month

Frontline Plus brought to you (not entirely unsurprisingly) by the makers of Frontline want to help your dogs and cats have a flea and tick free summer by offering both 3 and 6 pipette packs at a cracking 20% off the regular price in June.

Unique double-action protection

Frontline Plus also boasts a double action, so it not only kills fleas and ticks ON your pet, but it stops flea eggs from hatching and larvae developing IN your home with their active IGR technology.

And by preventing flea eggs from hatching, it breaks the flea life cycle.

This helps to protect both the pet and the home - so that's TWICE the parasite-stopping power for 20% less!

3 pipettes

NEW Frontline Plus Spot On Medium Dog
SAVE 65%

NEW Frontline Plus Spot On Medium Dog

Vet price £47.76
Our price £16.94

The FRONTLINE Plus Difference

Watch this video to find out more about the difference between FRONTLINE Plus and FRONTLINE Spot On.