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Try FELISCRATCH to redirect scratching

Does your cat scratch the sofa instead of its scratching post? If so, you're not alone 50% - 70% of cat owners face this problem.

Scratch marking is a natural behaviour in cats. They do it to mark their territory and keep their nails trim. Such behaviour can become an issue when they start claw the sofa or kitchen cabinets or that lovely Persian rug to shreds!

If this sounds familiar new FELISCRATCH by Feliway may be able to help. It's been proven to redirect cat scratching onto a different, desired location, such as a scratching post.

Unique triple-action formula:

It's unique formula contains three key ingredients to help redirect cat scratching:

1) Blue colouring to mimic the visual message of the scratching

2) Catnip to attract your cat to the scratching post

3) A synthetic copy of the cat pheromone that directs scratching to where the product has been applied.

FELISCRATCH by Feliway is available in a 9 pipette pack, so it lasts 4 weeks, and at £16.60 it is also considerably cheaper than a new sofa! 

Try new FELISCRATCH by Feliway

Feliscratch By Feliway
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Feliscratch By Feliway

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Easy to use

Simply apply it slowly onto your cat's scratching post by drawing 2 or 3 lines every time.

Do this every day for 7 days, then top it up in weeks 3 and 4.

View Anna & Archie's experience

Find out how FELISCRATCH helped redirect Archie's scratching.