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Drontal & Advantage - 'The Inseperables'

Trust Drontal

Drontal is the market leader in wormers in the UK and favoured by many cat and dog owners. It kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats and dogs (roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm) and doesn't require a prescription.

Advantage - scientifically-proven to combat fleas


Now the weather is warming up, don’t wait for your pet to itch or scratch! Advantage is one of our most popular spot on flea treatments for cats, dogs and rabbits. Like Drontal, it's made by Bayer and is scientifically proven to protect your pet and home from being infested with fleas. What's more it doesn't require a prescription.

Unlike many other spot on treatments that are Fipronil-based, Advantage uses Imidacloprid. It's available in convenient packs of four pipettes. Each treatment provides a month's protection and great value.

Flea & worm calculator


Use our flea and worm calculator to work out what combination of Advantage and Drontal you need. Simply select your pet type, weight and how much cover you need.

Advantage Flea Treatment

Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment
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Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment

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Find out more about fleas and worms

Pets are an important part of the family, but they can come with some unwanted guests! Being aware of these parasites and understanding the ways to keep pets protected helps prevent these parasites from invading our homes.

Your home could become a haven for parasites if your pet is not routinely treated for fleas and worms. Infestations are more common than many people tend to think!

Fleas and worms are able to thrive in a warm environment and with central heating these parasites can be a year round problem. Also with increasing trends of warmer, wetter weather – these parasites are able to survive outside for longer, increasing the risk of your pet coming into contact with them.

Common Hotspots

Common problem areas include: Soft Furnishings & Carpets, Airing Cupboards, Pet Bedding and Gardens.

Find out more about common flea and worm hotspots plus top tips.

As seen on TV

View the new Drontal and Advantage TV advert - 'the Inseparables!'