Burns Pet Food

Burns pet food began in 1993 when veterinary surgeon John Burns strived to create the best possible nutrition for pets without the need for common pet food allergens. Now, Burns is one of the great pioneers of hypoallergenic pet food made from natural ingredients to suit pets throughout every stage of their lives. Shop now!


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Showing 3 Product

Burns Dog Food

Burns hypoallergenic dog food provides all the nutrition adult dogs need to stay happy and healthy without any common dog food allergens, like beef, wheat, or dairy. Packed with high-quality, single-source protein, the Burns dry dog food range is the perfect complete food for dogs with added vitamins and minerals to support healthy skin and coat and good digestion.

If your dog has a known food allergy, then you can even try the Burns Grain-free dog food range, which is formulated without grain, gluten or dairy to ensure your dog is only getting the nutrients they needs without any of the fillers.

Or, you can try Burns Sensitive Dog food, like their Burns Dog Food Sensitive with Pork & Potato, which is specifically tailored for dogs with digestive or skin sensitivities to help give them the support they need.

They also offer a range of foods for specific lifestyles, including their Burns Active Dog food for working dogs or those with higher energy levels and Burns Alert Assistance Dog Food, which helps promote cognitive function while meeting all the necessary nutritional requirements a working dog needs.

John Burns dog food is also available in weight control formulas. The Burns Weight Control Dog Food gives your dog the same nutritional support with fewer calories, so your dog can maintain a healthy weight while still promoting lean muscle mass.

You can also shop our complete range of Burns wet dog food to find the perfect flavour or formula for your dog no matter their breed or life stage.

You'll find a Burns dog food feeding guide on each Burns food product's packaging so you can ensure your dog is getting the optimum nutrition in every bite.

Burns Puppy Food

Great nutrition starts early, and with Burns' great range of natural puppy foods, you can help them all the way! These foods are made with your puppy's needs in mind. They're formulated with a controlled level of fat and protein to ensure that your puppy's growth remains steady to avoid skeletal issues, as well as supporting bone and muscle development.

The highly digestible brown rise and oats are perfect for providing your puppy with all the energy they need to bounce and play to their heart's content while ensuring digestive health.

As with the Burns senior dog food and Burns adult dog food, the puppy range is made with all-natural ingredients while avoiding anything the most common food allergens, like beef, soya, wheat and dairy.


Is Burns Dog Food Made in the UK?

Yes! Burns dog food is manufactured in their Burry Port factory, and many of their ingredients are locally sourced from farms across Wales.