Pet Head Grooming Products

Pet Head Dog, Puppy and Cat Grooming Products 

Love from head to paw

Pet Head grooming products will keep your dog or cat looking their best and smelling good. With shampoos, conditioners and sprays for long and short hair, whatever your pet’s style, there is a Pet Head grooming product to keep them looking good.


Pet Head Pet Grooming Products

Pet Head was launched in 2007 by the same company as Bed Head hair products. Their goal was to provide the same high-quality grooming products, but for our pets! The Pet Head range has grown to include pet shampoos, pet conditioners, pet grooming wipes, and even paw butter! All Pet Head products are made from natural ingredients to help your pet to look and feel their best!

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Pet Head Shampoo and Conditioners

Pet Head offers a range of pet shampoos and conditioners to help keep your pet looking and feeling their best! With built-in conditioning formulas and natural ingredients, Pet Head pet shampoos are perfect for routine grooming or to help remove tough dirt and odours. The Pet Head shampoo range also includes products to help with skin conditions and their deodorising conditioners easily trump foul smells, so your pet and home can smell amazing! 

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Paw Butters

Say goodbye to dry noses and paws with Pet Head’s fantastic range of Paw Butters. Made from all-natural ingredients, Pet Head Paw Butters are a perfect way to soothe cracked paws while also restoring moisture. And they smell great too!

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Pet Sprays

Keep your pet smelling sweet with this great range of Pet Sprays from Pet Head. These efficient sprays are the perfect way to restore moisture and freshness to your pet’s coat without the need for bathing and are suitable for a range of breeds and coat types.

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The Pet Head Wipes range is the perfect way for you to give your pet the quick clean fix they need on the go or when you are short on time. All the wipes are biodegradable and make for a handy, travel essential to clean your pet’s paws, freshen up their face or clean up after any accidents.

What our customers think of Pet Head

5/ 5

Smells lovely used on all my dogs

Karen Poppleton - Wednesday, August 18, 2021

5/ 5

Lovely gentle product very happy

Trusted Customer - Tuesday, October 12, 2021

5/ 5

Leaves coat smelling fab and really soft.

Trusted Customer - Tuesday, February 21, 2017

5/ 5

Fantastic product did the job first time

Trusted Customer - Thursday, February 21, 2019

What Makes Pet Head So Good?

Pet Head is a popular brand when it comes to grooming products for dogs and cats. With fresh smells and natural ingredients, it’s no wonder people love using Pet Head products on their pets. All the products are made to US human quality standards, so you can be sure you are giving your pet the best groom. Some key benefits of Pet Head include:

  • Natural Ingredients 
  • Conditioning Formulas 
  • pH Balanced
  • Smells Great
  • Cruelty-free

Bathing Your Pet with Pet Head

To use Pet Head on your dog, first wet their coat entirely with warm water. Then, apply a small amount of your chosen Pet Head shampoo to your dog's coat and massage gently into their coat while avoiding the eyes and ears. Depending on the size of your dog, you may need to add more shampoo for complete coverage. Rinse your dog with more warm water to ensure all the shampoo is removed.

You can either towel dry your dog at this point, or apply a Pet Head conditioner. The conditioner needs to be massaged well into the coat and skin. Then rinse again with warm water, brush your dog and towel dry.

Using Pet Head No-Rinse Shampoos

For cats or dogs that don’t appreciate being bathed, you can still use Pet Head to keep them looking and feeling their best. Simply choose a no-rinse shampoo.

Pet Head no-rinse shampoos have all the same benefits as a normal Pet Head shampoo, but can be used without bathing. Simply sprat the chosen product onto dry fur, brush out and leave to dry.

Using Pet Head Paw Butter 

Pets are always on their feet, and sometimes those paws need a little extra love. Pet Head Paw Butters are the perfect way to show your pet’s paws a little extra TLC. These paw butters are super moisturising, making them the perfect thing for cracked noses and paws. 

Simply massage the soothing butter into your pet’s paws or nose when they’re looking a little dry and cracked for that little extra moisture. 

All Pet Head Paw Butters are made from natural extracts and oils, and are free from paraben surfactants or dyes, gluten and nut-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pet Head Vegan?

Yes! Pet Head is completely vegan and cruelty-free, meaning it has no ingredients derived from animals and hasn’t been tested on animals either. Plus, all pet head products are full of natural oils and are pH balanced, free of parabens, surfactants and dyes.

Can You Use Pet Head on Cats?

While cats are good at keeping themselves clean, there is also a range of Pet Head products made specifically for cats! You should not use any Pet Head products that are specific to dogs on cats as they may contain ingredients that are toxic to cats. Always check the product packaging before using animal-specific products. 

Can You Use Pet Head on a Puppy?

Any of the Pet Head Range can be used on puppies from 8 weeks old, so you can keep them clean as they grow! Plus, Pet Head even has the Mucky Pup range which is specifically designed for a puppy’s younger, more sensitive skin.