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Unleash the power of play.

Want a fun way to give your pet some extra enrichment? KONG pet toys are an innovative and exciting way for your pet to play and use their minds as well as engage in their natural instincts when it comes to play and treats alike.


What are KONG toys, and how can they help my pet?

KONG is an innovative toy brand, offering a range of durable pet toys to help you encourage your pet’s natural instinct to chase, chew, scratch and hunt! KONG was founded in the 1970s when Joe Markham tried to find a solution to his beloved dog’s chewing habits. Now, KONG is one of the biggest names in the pet toy industry and provides solutions to common issues, such as, teething, separation anxiety and boredom. Whether it be KONGs for dogs made to be chewed and release those treats, or KONGs for cats designed to allow their natural hunting instinct to flourish, this brand has worked wonders across both sides of the animal kingdom.

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KONG Treats

KONG offers a great range of treats to help your pet the most out of their KONG pet toys or to give as a tasty snack! KONG Treats are designed to work with your chosen KONG toys, so whether you want to encourage your pet to play with their new KONG toys, improve their mental stimulation, or just want to give them a tasty snack, KONG’s got you covered.

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KONG Puppy & Kitten Toys

The KONG puppy and kitten range are the perfect way to encourage your pet’s natural hunting or chasing instincts, without worrying about unnecessary damages to your home. With a range of KONG chew and chasing toys, you can provide your pet with the perfect mental stimulation while also aiding them with any early signs of separation anxiety to help them grow up happy!

What our customers think of KONG

5/ 5

He loves it especially with a bit of peanut butter on the sides.

Trusted Customer - Monday, January 11, 2021

5/ 5

I bought this for my daughters puppy she loves it.

Miss Dyer - Wednesday, January 13, 2021

5/ 5

The cat loves this. She rolls around the floor with it. Plays for ages.

Trusted Customer - Wednesday, July 7, 2021

5/ 5

Cat took it out the package himself to play with obviously the cat nip inside attracted him to it. It's a good sized toy.

Trusted Customer - Friday, January 25, 2019

KONG Dog Toys 

KONG dog toys are durable, rubber toys intended to help curb (or at least satisfy) your dog’s natural chewing habits. But, the KONG is more than just a chew toy! They can also be used for playing fetch, enrichment, puzzle and even as a food bowl to help slow down fast eaters, making KONGs for dogs a fantastic way to help your pooch across the board. 

Kong Size Guide 

The KONG Classic dog toy is available in a range of sizes to help suit dogs of all breeds and ages! Here are the general recommendations from KONG as to which KONG Classic dog toy is most suitable for your dog: 

  • KONG Classic XS — up to 2kg
  • KONG Classic Small — up to 9kg
  • KONG Classic Medium — 7-16kg 
  • KONG Classic Large — 13-30kg
  • KONG Classic XL — 27-41kg
  • KONG Classic XXL — Dogs up to 38kg and over! 

If your dog is on the heavier side of any of these weight brackets, KONG recommends you size up the toy for your dog’s safety. 

As well as the Classic, KONG offers toys for various life stages and styles, including KONG Puppy Toys, and KONG Extreme Toys!

KONG Cat Toys

Cats are natural hunters, and they need a lot of enrichment and toys to cater to this instinct, especially if they’re being kept indoors. KONGs for cats are designed to encourage their natural hunting instincts in various ways, including the KONG Wicker Wubba, KONG Kickeroo, and KONG Laser. And why not add a little joy to your cat’s toys with a sprinkle of KONG Naturals Premium Catnip?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are KONG toys good for Dogs? 

KONG toys were designed with dogs in mind! They are great for keeping dogs of all breeds, sizes and life-stage occupied and enriched as well as helping them to display more positive chewing habits.

Is KONG Safe for Puppies?

Absolutely! KONGs are made from non-toxic rubber, so your new pup can bite and chew to their heart's content! Plus, by introducing a puppy to a KONG toy early, you can help them to learn more positive chewing habits and protect your home from potential mishaps.

Can KONGs Make Pets Sick?

KONGs are made from durable and natural rubber and are highly unlikely to give your pet an allergic reaction or make them ill. However, as a KONG toy can be filled with treats or other foods, it’s possible your pet may be having a reaction to what is inside the toy. Always make sure what you’re filling the KONG with is safe for your dog to eat.