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FRONTLINE Cat, Dog, Puppy and Kitten Flea and Tick Treatments

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FRONTLINE protects your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. Our range includes FRONTLINE Plus®, Frontline Tri-Act®, and sprays for the house, to give an all-around defence and treatment against flea infestation.


Why Choose Frontline Flea and Tick Treatment? 

FRONTLINE is a global leader in pet health care, offering high-quality and clinically proven parasiticide products for cats, dogs, and even ferrets! FRONTLINE is a branch of Boehringer Ingelheim, a family-owned and research-driven pharmaceutical company with over 130 years of research and innovation under their belt. Initially launched as a prescription-only treatment, today FRONTLINE products are conveniently available and easy to use to help you protect your pet from a number of parasites, including fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes! You can see our full range of FRONTLINE treatments for both your pet and home below.

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FRONTLINE offers a range of flea and tick treatments that are only available with a valid vet prescription. These treatments contain an extra ingredient that prevents fleas and other external parasites from breeding, effectively breaking the flea life cycle, as well as killing fleas on your pet and preventing reinfection.

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FRONTLINE offers a great and extensive range of flea, tick and other external parasite treatments for both cats and dogs. These spot-on treatments are easy to apply and provide both treatment and protection from fleas and ticks for your pets.

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The FRONTLINE Plus® range is the most developed formula available from FRONTLINE and offers your pet up to four weeks of protection from fleas, ticks and lice. FRONTLINE Plus® also prevents fleas eggs from hatching, effectively breaking the lifestyle and keeping both your pet and home flea free!

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Available for dogs only, the FRONTLINE Tri-Act® range not only kills fleas and ticks, but also repels more biting insects that can potentially carry disease, including mosquitoes, biting flies and sand flies. FRONTLINE Tri-Act® starts working within just 5 minutes and offers up to four weeks of protection from parasites for your dog.

What our customers think of FRONTLINE

5/ 5

It is easy to apply and does the job it is meant to do

Sue Murray - Monday, May 16, 2022

5/ 5

Excellent product and posted in no time

Trusted Customer - Sunday, May 15, 2022

5/ 5

Excellent price, a lot cheaper than the local vet, with lots of advice.

Eugene Lisica - Monday, May 9, 2022

5/ 5

Much easier to use than tablets and can make sure each cat has the recommended dos

Trusted Customer - Friday, April 29, 2022

What’s the Difference Between FRONTLINE and FRONTLINE Plus®

Both the FRONTLINE and FRONTLINE Plus® range are formulated to kill fleas and ticks on your pet. However, FRONTLINE Plus® is the most advanced formula that also stops flea eggs from hatching on your pet, effectively breaking the flea life cycle and stopping fleas from re-infesting your pet or home. 

How To Apply Frontline to Your Pet

FRONTLINE products are a topical spot-on solution that is applied to your pet’s skin. Once the treatment has been applied, it is recommended that you do not bathe your pet for two days or allow other pets in your home to lick where the treatment was applied. 

To apply FRONTLINE flea and tick treatment, first break the scored line on the pipette. Part your pet’s fur between their shoulder blades or on the back of their neck until the skin is visible and press the open end of the pipette to their skin. Gently squeeze the pipette to empty the solution onto one spot just beneath the base of your pet’s skull, and again 2-3cm away down their neck. Try not to handle your pet until the spot-on solution has dried.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does FRONTLINE work?

Once a FRONTLINE spot-on treatment is applied, the formula is stored in the sebaceous glands in your pet's skin and spreads over the whole body surface with their natural oils. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with your pet's skin and coat so they do not need to bite to be killed, meaning less irritation to your pet’s skin.

How Quickly Does FRONTLINE Flea and Tick Treatment Work?

If you have used FRONTLINE Spot-On or FRONTLINE Plus®, it takes around 12 hours for the treatment to spread fully across your pet’s body. All fleas should die within 24 hours of application and ticks should die within 48 hours of application.

How Long Does FRONTLINE Spot On Last?

When correctly applied, FRONTLINE will protect your pet from fleas for up to a month. After a month your pet will no longer be protected and will require another dose.

Can I use FRONTLINE on a dog over 60kg?

Yes. FRONTLINE Plus® Flea & Tick Treatment For Extra Large Dogs can be used on dogs over 40 kg without an upper weight limit. To treat dogs over 60 kg with FRONTLINE Tri-Act®, use the appropriate combination of two pipette sizes that most closely match your dog’s body weight. To treat dogs over 60 kg with FRONTLINE Spot On, use two large-size pipettes for dogs 20 to 40 kg.

Can I Use FRONTLINE on Any Animal?

All FRONTLINE products must only be used on the animal specified on the packaging. This means that FRONTLINE Tri-Act® for Dogs must not be used on any animal but dogs. You must also use the correct FRONTLINE treatment for your pet’s weight range. This ensures that your pet receives the correct dose and is effectively treated for fleas and ticks.

Do I Need a Prescription for FRONTLINE?

All FRONTLINE Combo products can only be bought with a vet prescription. However, there are a number of FRONTLINE treatments for cats, dogs, and your home that you can buy without a prescription, including FRONTLINE, FRONTLINE Plus®, and FRONTLINE Tri-Act® spot-on treatments and FRONTLINE Homegard Household Flea Spray.