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Dechra Pharmaceuticals offers a broad range of products to keep your pet in perfect health. At Pet Drugs Online, you can find a variety of prescription and non-prescription medicines, specific dietary foods, and even grooming products from one of the world’s specialists in veterinary products.


Who are Dechra Veterinary Products?

Dechra is a global specialist in veterinary medicine with extensive experience developing and manufacturing high-quality veterinary products worldwide! Initially formed in 1997, Dechra Veterinary Products have been providing high-quality pet healthcare products to veterinarians and pet pharmacies across the world. At Pet Drugs Online, you can find a number of Dechra products, from pet prescription medications to Dechra SPECIFIC veterinary diet pet food, all at affordable prices.

Royal Canin Skin Food

Skin & Allergy

Royal Canin Skin Food

Digestion & Gastrointestinal

Royal Canin Weight Management

Weight Management

Royal Canin Weight Management

Urinary & Bladder Health

Royal Canin Skin Food

Kidney & Renal Health

Royal Canin Dry Cat and Dog FoodRoyal Canin Dry Cat and Dog Food

Royal Canin Dry Pet Food

Royal Canin has a superb range of dry dog and cat food for a variety of breeds, sizes and life stages. All Royal Canin dry food has been formulated to give your pet a complete and balanced diet that meets all the necessary nutritional requirements. Each kibble is tailored for specific needs, including  jaw strength, kibble size and appropriate vitamins and minerals.

Royal Canin Wet Cat and Dog FoodRoyal Canin Wet Cat and Dog Food

Royal Canin Wet Pet Food

Royal Canin’s range of wet food for cats and dogs is a great way to appease even the fussiest of pets to ensure they consume a complete and balanced diet. Tailored by experts, the Royal Canin wet food range is packed full of all the nutrients needed to keep your pet fit and healthy in an appetising loaf, gravy or jelly.

Royal Canin Puppy/Kitten FoodRoyal Canin Puppy/Kitten Food

Royal Canin Puppy & Kitten Food

Give your pet the best start in life with a great range of Royal Canin puppy and kitten food, including dry food, wet food and milk replacements. All Royal Canin puppy and kitten food is expertly tailored to meet the nutritional requirements for growing bones, muscles and healthy brain development! 

Royal Canin VetcareRoyal Canin Vetcare

Royal Canin Vetcare Nutrition

For pets who need a little extra support, Royal Canin’s brilliant Vetcare Nutrition range is the perfect answer. With foods specifically formulated to aid pets with a number of conditions, you can ensure your pet gets all the extra help they need to stay happy and healthy. 

What our customers think of Dechra

5/ 5

It keeps my dog healthy and she loves it!!

Barbara Wickens - Sunday, February 6, 2022

5/ 5

Does what it says and the price was brilliant. Highly Recommend

Al - Monday, February 21, 2022

5/ 5

Have always used this product for last 15 years, very effective.

Mandy Smith - Wednesday, September, 15, 2021

5/ 5

Healthy treats that my dog all the dogs I meet find very tasty!

Trusted Customer - Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dechra CleanAural® Dog Ear Cleaner

It's common for dogs to experience problems with their ears due to a build up ear wax or other debris. Dogs with with floppy ears or a lot of hair in the ear canal are espeically prone, such as poodles and spaniels. The Dechra CleanAural® Dog Ear Cleaner is a mild, but effective solution specifically formulated to clean your dogs ears by dissolving the wax, degreasing and hydrating the sensitive skin of the ear canal. Dechra CleanAural® Dog Ear Cleaner is pH balanced as close as possible to your dog's natural skin pH to offer soothing relief for your dog's ear. 

Dechra Veterinary Products also offers Dechra CleanAural® Dog Ear Cleaner for dogs with more sensitive skin and Dechra CleanAural® Cat Ear Cleaner which is specifically formulated for cats. 

Dechra Lubrithal® Soothing Eye Gel

The Dechra Lubrithal® Soothing Eye Gel is a fast-acting moisturising ophthalmic eye gel forumulated to soothe and moisturise irritated eyes for cats and dogs. The gel contains carbomer lubricating fluid which retains moisture in the tear film and offers your pet fast relief from irritation. Once it makes contact with the ocular fluid, the gel immediately turns to liquid and lasts longer than many other eye drops. 

Please note, the Dechra Lubrithal® Soothing Eye Gel should only be used following your vets recommendation and should you see any signs of adverse reactions (inlcuding pain or irration, red or inflamed eyes or excessive tear production) contact your vet immediately. 


Dechra Prescription Pet Medications 

Dechra offers a wide range of prescription medications for cats, dogs, horses, and small animals. Through Pet Drugs Online, you can access many common medications such as Vetoryl, Cardisure, and CanAural at low costs to help you manage the price of your pet’s health. Our range of Dechra prescription medicines includes tablets, capsules, oral suspensions, and liquids, so you can find the formulation that your pet has been prescribed. 

To find out more about how to order prescription pet medications, our prescription information page will guide you through every step. 

Dechra SPECIFIC Diets 

As well as their fantastic range of medications, Dechra has also developed their Dechra SPECIFIC range of pet diets for specific conditions to help both cats and dogs to feel their best. Please note, Dechra SPECIFIC diets are formulated to meet specific nutritional needs and should be fed to your pet under your vet’s recommendation. 

Dechra Feeding Guide 

All Dechra pet food products come with a general feeding guide on the packaging that gives recommended daily portions for all pet ages according to your pet’s body weight. For an idea of the daily allowance recommended, you can see an example from the Dechra SPECIFIC Food Allergen Management Dry Food for dogs below.


Dechra SPECIFIC CDD Food Allergen Management Feeding Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Dechra Products?

All Dechra products are available to buy from your veterinary practice, or from selected online pet pharmacies such as us at Pet Drugs Online. You can browse our full range of Dechra products here.

 Is Dechra SPECIFIC Pet Food Prescription Only?

Dechra SPECIFIC pet foods do not require a prescription to buy. However, as mentioned, they are specially formulated for specific health conditions and dietary requirements, which means that you should only feed Dechra SPECIFIC pet food to your pet under advice from a veterinarian.

 Is Dechra Pet Food sustainable?

In 2020 Dechra launched their organic dry diets in recyclable bags – one of the first dry pet foods in recyclable packaging – and are committed to having all SPECIFIC food in recyclable packaging by 2023.

Fish are caught with the more sustainable midwater trawl and ring netting fishing systems and all of the fish in SPECIFIC dry diets come from sources accredited as sustainable.

Dechra is an official supporter of the Ocean Cleanup.

 How do Dechra  MalAcetic Wipes Work?

Dechra MalAcetic wipes are antibacterial and antifungal as they contain acetic acid (vinegar) and boric acid, which are effective cleaners. The wipes have a pH-balanced formula that makes them ideal for cleaning skin folds and helping to fight some skin conditions. We recommend taking MalAcetic wipes on your travels so you can quickly clean up your pet when needed.

You can also shop MalAcetic shampoo, spray, and ear cleaner for cats and dogs to help with greasy fur, mucky ears, and more.