Bravecto Flea and Tick Treatments

Bravecto Dog, Puppy, Cat and Kitten Flea and Tick Treatment

Protecting your pet for three times longer than your average monthly treatment

Bravecto flea treatments include spot-ons to protect your cat or dog from fleas, and chewable tablets that treat flea infestations. These treatments are prescription-only, but you can be sure that you'll get this prescription flea treatment at a low cost in our range below.


What Makes Bravecto Flea and Tick Treatments Different?

Fleas and ticks are the most common parasites found on cats and dogs, and can lead to serious health issues should your pet become infested. Bravecto is one of the best vet prescribed and recommended treatments for fleas and ticks which offer your pet 12 weeks of parasite protection while also effectively breaking the flea life cycle. We also offer the Bravecto Plus range for cats which protects cats from fleas, ticks, and internal parasites such as heartworm, roundworms, and hookworms. All Bravecto flea treatments for cats and dogs are vet recommended and FDA approved, getting to work killing parasites on your pet within just two hours.

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The Hill’s Prescription Diet range is a vet recommended food range to help manage specific conditions that can occur in pets, including kidney support, digestive care, weight management and more. Always consult with your vet before feeding your pet any prescription pet foods.

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What our customers think of Bravecto

5/ 5

My dog loves these biscuits, and they are very good for his health and weight, to keep him fit and healthy.the service is good and so is the price will use again

Trusted Customer - February 4, 2022

5/ 5

This food was a game changer for one of my Persian boys, and stopped the constant scratching and pulling out of fur. It was so successful that I could start to show him again, with great success.

Trusted Customer - January 25, 2021

5/ 5

It is a very good cat food it was recommended for my cat by my vet because of allergies and intolerances giving her an upset stomach and it has worked really well.

Kathleen Lane - August 17, 2021

5/ 5

The cat liked it - that's all that matters.

Ray Skeldon - July 5, 2021

How Does Bravecto Work? 

The active ingredient in Bravecto Flea and Tick Treatments is Fluralaner, a systemic insecticide that is clinically proven to kill parasites like fleas and ticks. Once your pet has been given Bravecto flea treatment, the dose quickly reaches the tissue fluids just under your pet’s skin. When either fleas or ticks bite your pet to feed, they will ingest the Bravecto and die. 

How to Administer Bravecto Flea Treatments 

Bravecto Flea and Tick Treatments are available to both cats and dogs as a topical spot-on treatment, and available to just dogs as a chewable, tasty Bravecto flea tablet. If you are using a Bravecto Spot-On flea treatment, for the dosage to work it must be applied to undamaged skin where your pet can’t reach to avoid licking. 

Applying Bravecto Spot-On to Cats

To administer the Bravecto spot-on treatment to a cat,  first part the fur at the back of their neck and press the open pipette against the cat’s skin. Next, squeeze the pipette until the full dosage of Bravecto flea treatment has been applied. 

Applying Bravecto Spot-On Solution to Dogs

To administer the Bravecto spot-on treatment to a dog,  first part the fur in between your dog’s shoulder blades and press the open pipette against the dog’s skin. Then, squeeze the pipette until the full dosage of Bravecto flea treatment has been applied. 

Feeding Bravecto Chewable Tablet to Dogs

Most dogs will happily accept the Bravecto Chewable Tablet which will enter their system once swallowed. Some dogs are harder to give pills to, if this is the case, this Bravecto flea tablet can also be given with food. Make sure you observe your dog during administration to ensure the tablet has been swallowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Bravecto Chews contain wheat or gluten?

No, Bravecto flea tablets do not contain any wheat or gluten.

Can the chewable Bravecto Flea Tablet be given with food?

Yes, the Bravecto chew may be given with food if your dog will not accept it on its own. You can either hide the pill within their food or put the pill inside a treat. You can also break up these Bravecto flea treatments and crumble them into food. Whichever way you choose, always ensure that your dog has had the full dose or the treatment will be ineffective.

What Does Bravecto Treat?

Bravecto kills fleas as well as 4 different species of ticks found on dogs and 2 species found on cats. These species include Black-legged Tick (or deer tick), American Dog Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Lone Star Tick. Bravecto Plus for Cats also kills internal parasites, such as heartworm, roundworms, and hookworms.

Can I use Bravecto Plus on my Dog?

No. The Bravecto Plus flea treatment is specifically designed to be used on cats. No animal-specific medication should be used on any animal other than that specified on the packaging. For dogs, there is a range of Bravecto flea treatments that you can use, such as spot-on liquids and chewable tablets.

Why Do I Have to Treat my Indoor Cat for Fleas?

While fleas and ticks prefer to feed on animals with fur, such as cats and dogs, that’s not to say they cannot be brought into your home by other means, including your clothing and shoes. Flea larvae and pupae can also hide inside of your home for weeks before becoming full-grown adult fleas which can then hop onto your cat. Bravecto flea treatment can protect  your indoor cat from hidden parasites within your home.

Does water, grooming, or hair length have an effect on how the chewable Bravecto flea tablet works?

No. The Bravecto chewable tablet will not be affected by any of these factors, as it is not a topical spot-on treatment. Even immediate swimming or bathing will not affect the Bravecto Chewable Tablet, although it will affect the Bravecto Spot-on Treatments.

Can I Use Bravecto on my Cat and Dog?

Yes, Bravecto flea treatments offer products for both cats and dogs as either tablets or spot-ons, but you must only use the treatment on the animal specified on the packaging. Using any animal specific medication on an animal other than the one stated on the packaging can be dangerous to that animal.

We have a wide range of Bravecto treatments for your pet, and you can even buy Bravecto online with a prescription from your vet.