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Audevard is the only pharmaceutical laboratory exclusively dedicated to equine health, so you can rest assured your horse is getting the very best when you use Audevard horse healthcare and supplements. You can view our full range below:


Audevard Laboratories

Almost 40 years ago, Audevard embarked on their journey to provide effective and nutritional horse supplements to ensure that every horse could reach their full potential, no matter what. Now, Audevard has become a leading manufacturer in horse healthcare and supplements and is currently the only pharmaceutical laboratory exclusively dedicated to equine health. Whether you want to improve your horse's performance or support them through the seasons, Audevard's got you covered. 

Audevard Joint Care for Horses

Joint & Muscle Care

Audevard Anxiety Supplements

Stress & Anxiety

Audevard Digestion Aids for Horses

Digestion & Gastrointestinal

Audevard conditioning and recovery products for horses

Conditioning & Recovery

Royal Canin Dry Cat and Dog FoodRoyal Canin Dry Cat and Dog Food

Audevard Cold-Pressed Pellets

Audevard cold-pressed powders make supporting your horse's health quick and easy. Simply mix the daily dosage with your horse's feed and let the product go to work! Audevard cold-pressed pellets are available to help with a range of health issues, including gastrointestinal upset, supporting their respiratory systems, and even supporting musculoskeletal needs. 

Royal Canin Puppy/Kitten FoodRoyal Canin Puppy/Kitten Food

Audevard Liquids

Audevard offers a range of liquid supplements to help you support your horse's nutritional and health needs. All of their liquids are quick and easy to administer by adding to your horse's daily feed or directly into your horse's mouth. Their range of liquid supplements helps with various issues, including joint support, easing stress and anxiety, and for muscle building and protection. 

Royal Canin VetcareRoyal Canin Vetcare

Audevard Pastes

Audevard pastes and quick and easy to administer directly into your horse's mouth to help with a range of issues, including worming your horse, replacing lost electrolytes, and giving essential vitamins and minerals to foals with ease. Each paste comes in a syringe of either a pre-determined dose or with the option to easily change the amount administered to meet your horse's individual needs. 

Royal Canin Wet Cat and Dog FoodRoyal Canin Wet Cat and Dog Food

Audevard Gels, Creams & Ointments

Our range of Audevard gels, creams and ointments are perfect for caring for your horse's skin to protect against irritation, abrasions or cracked skin. All of their creams have been developed by vets with high-quality ingredients that form a protective barrier, so you know your horse's vulnerable skin is safe when you're out and about. 

What our customers think of Audevard

5/ 5

Great supplement that works.

Trusted Customer - Thursday, January 23, 2020

5/ 5

Brilliant product for my horse, who struggled with his airways. I use it with saline in a nebuliser. 

Dawn Heath - Tuesday, January 8, 2019

5/ 5

Tested product for 1 week so far and have seen an improvement.

Trusted Customer - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

5/ 5

The cats like this better than another brand. I've not tried it myself, so have no comment from a personal perspective.

Mally Wilkins - Saturday, February 15, 2020

Do Horses Need Supplements? 

Everyone needs a little extra support sometimes, and your horse is no exception. Every horse has their own individual needs when it comes to nutrition, and Audevard supplements offer a simple and easy solution to ensuring your horse is living up to their fullest potential, whether by supporting their muscles and joints or ensuring they remain worm-free through the seasons. With their unique processing methods, Audevard can guarantee effective results with their more concentrated blends of nutrients and high-quality products so you know your horse is getting the very best.  

Caring For Your Horse's Joints

Your horse is dependent on their legs, and the more they use them, the more support and care they require. Performance horses, in particular, can put a lot of strain on their joints and muscles through their day-to-day activities, so finding a suitable way to care and support your horse's joints is a must to ensure they are performing at their best while also maintaining their overall health and wellbeing. Audevard offers a fantastic range of joint care for horses with their Ekyflex range which has been specifically developed by vets with the key ingredients needed to help support your horses muscles and joints as well as their hooves, so you can be sure your horse is cared for from head to hoof. 

The Ekyflex range is available in various formulas depending on your horse's needs and lifestyle, including the popular Audevard Ekyflex Arthro Evo Joint Supplement for daily support or their Ekyflex Tendon EVO, which is specially designed to provide expert nutritional support for the specific needs of horses' tendons and ligaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ekyflogyl used for?What Is Audevard Ekyflogyl Used For?


What is anti inflammatory gel for horses?


What is Audevard Balsamic Air used for? 

Audevard Balsamic Air is an easy to adminsiter supplement designed to help support your horse's respiratory system, esecially those more snesitive to cold weather.