Beco Dog Poop Bags Extra Large

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  • £5.48 Unscented Pack of 120
  • £5.48 Mint Scented Pack of 120
  • £8.99 £10.50 Save £1.51 Unscented Pack of 300
  • £9.89 £11.50 Save £1.61 Unscented Pack of 270
  • £16.49 £21.60 Save £5.11 Unscented Pack of 540


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Beco dog poop bags are eco friendly. The extra large size helps with the clean up and makes this as easy as possible.

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Product Details

Beco poop bags make cleaning up after your pet as eco-friendly as possible. 

These bags are extra large, so they are big, strong and leak-proof. They are extra long and thick to protect your hands. 

Made using 40% post-consumer recycled material, every roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core, the cardboard packaging is recycled and recyclable. 

These rolls will fit in all standard bag dispensers and are also available in mint-scented options. 


Beco Dog Poop Bags Extra Large are available in the following sizes:
  • Unscented Bags in packs of - 120, 270, 300, 540
  • Mint Scented Bags in packs of - 120

Key Benefits

  • Each bag is big, strong & leak-proof
  • There are extra thick
  • Made using 40% recycled materials
  • Made from - PE Plastic (40% post-consumer recycled), Recycled Post Consumer Cardboard
  • Each bag is 22.5 x 33cm

Store in a cool dry place, keep out of reach from pets and children.

We all have a responsibility to clean up after our dogs. When choosing which poop bag to use, it comes down to how you dispose of your dog’s waste.  Our recycled bags are a great option for those who dispose of their dog’s poop in park bins or general waste.