Baytril antibiotic treatments are intended to treat a variety of bacterial infections in pets and livestock. You can buy Baytril online from us as flavoured tablets for cats and dogs as well as an oral solution for other small animals, reptiles and birds.

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What is Baytril?

Baytril is a prescription-only antibiotic medicine intended to treat bacterial infections in a range of animals, including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals. You can buy Baytril antibiotics online from Pet Drugs Online in the following dosages if you have a valid prescription:

Baytril for Dogs & Cats

Baytril for Birds, Cattle, Reptiles, Rabbits & Small Mammals.

Baytril for Rabbits & Poultry

Please ensure you choose the correct Baytril product and dosage to match your prescription. We cannot send any orders where the ordered medication does not match the prescription provided.

What Does Baytril Treat?

The active ingredient in Baytril is Enrofloxacin, which is an antibiotic widely used in veterinary medicine as an antibacterial agent. Baytril is intended to treat bacterial infections including, but not limited to, skin infections, urinary tract infections, respiratory system infections and more.

Only ever use Baytril products on the animal specified by the prescription.

How Long Does Baytril Take to Work?

Enrofloxacin is a fast-acting antibiotic that can take effect in approximately 1-2 hours of administration. However, visible effects may not become noticeable for a few days. Always make sure you follow your vet's advice when administering this medication and that you treat your pet for the full course of treatment specified on your prescription.

Does Baytril Need to be Refrigerated?

No, Baytril does not need to be refrigerated, even after opening. However, make sure you store any unused Baytril products in a dry place and do not store them above 25ºC.

For details on this medicine's shelf life after opening the initial packaging, see the provided datasheet.

Side Effects of Baytril

While Baytril is typically well tolerated in animals, there is still a chance of side effects occurring during treatment, as there is with any other prescription medication. Baytril is a short-acting medication which should stop affecting your pet within 24 hours (potentially longer in pets with liver or kidney disease). Rarely, you may notice the following reactions in pets treated with Baytril:

  • - Vomiting 
  • - Diarrhoea 

More information about the side effects relating to treatment with Baytril can be found in the provided product data sheet or should be explained by your vet. If you are concerned about any change in your pet’s condition while taking Baytril, consult with your vet for further advice. 

 Can You Buy Baytril Without Vet Prescription in the UK?

All Baytril products are prescription-only veterinary medicine, which means they can only be purchased using a valid, in-date prescription from your vet. You can learn more about ordering a prescription medicine for your pet from Pet Drugs Online on our prescription information page.

For your pet's safety, always be wary of any organisation offering to sell Baytril or any other prescription-only veterinary medicines without a prescription.

Please note, while we have an onsite vet to oversee the supply of prescription medicines, we do not offer veterinary consultations or advice.